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19:06:14 <sri> woohoo
19:06:48 <sri> #topic IRC engagement meeting oct 30th
19:07:15 <sri> oh oops, that's wrong.
19:07:34 <sri> #topic Review of reactions to GNOME 3.10 release
19:07:50 <sri> so how do you think reception for GNOME 3.10 has been goign so far?
19:08:49 <gonyere> Ok we've had some good press.. and some bad that was forced to change :)
19:09:09 <sri> what was the bad press? (cuz you know that's teh stuff I'm interested in :-)
19:09:10 <aday_> the coverage i've seen was good
19:09:19 <sri> yeah, I felt that as well.
19:09:30 <aday_> omg ubuntu was extremely positive. there were a few other things, but i can't remember now
19:09:38 <sri> I did find that personally, this release while overall good, did suffer some quality issues
19:09:42 <aday_> and individual reactions seem to have been good
19:09:43 <gonyere> Jim lynchs review of ubuntu gnome
19:09:48 <sri> shell gives me some artifacts from time to time
19:09:57 <aday_> gonyere: where was that?
19:10:10 <sri> haha, jim lynch's review was really funn y
19:10:18 <gonyere> Desktoplinuxreviews.com
19:10:26 <sri> aday_: the story is that he wrote a biased reivew of gnome 3, starting out how much he hated it.
19:10:38 <sri> aday_: he got skewered in the comments and had to go back and re-write it.
19:10:42 <gonyere> He edited it a couple days ago :p
19:10:54 <gonyere> It's awesome
19:11:11 <sri> aday_: basically, people commented that they were sick of these bad reviews of GNOME
19:11:51 <sri> aday_: http://desktoplinuxreviews.com/ubuntu-reviews/ubuntu-13-10-gnome/
19:11:52 <aday_> ha, i love the comments
19:12:11 <gonyere> Yeah they're pretty awesome :)
19:12:17 <aday_> yay for the internet winning for a change
19:12:23 <sri> "Congrats on discrediting your whole site. I came on here as someone who couldn’t care less about this or that DE, only seeking an honest review. Instead I got a quarter of a page of obvious condensed bias."
19:12:45 <sri> aday_: oh no, that's not the only place pushback is happening.
19:12:45 <gonyere> So cool
19:13:15 <sri> aday_: some guy posted another GNOME thread on reddit, and there was a ot of push back there.
19:13:32 <sri> I hardly have to do much anymore, people are taking up the slack and smacking people around.
19:13:36 <aday_> cool
19:13:58 <sri> yes, I think you will be quite pleased
19:13:59 <aday_> most people still won't be using 3.10
19:14:03 <gonyere> It almost seems like gnome is becoming cool again
19:14:21 <aday_> we definitely need to try and push good stories about the release
19:14:39 <aday_> i am feeling bad about the lack of follow up we did after release day
19:15:09 <aday_> so is 3.10 already in ubuntu gnome?
19:15:27 <aday_> f20 is out in december or something, think
19:15:38 <gonyere> With gnome ppas yes
19:15:54 <sri> a lot of people are using arch right now
19:16:32 <aday_> hmm, ok
19:16:44 <aday_> so what can we be doing to help here?
19:16:51 <sri> there apparently has been some youtube reviews:
19:16:52 <sri> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCvV_3aIDec&feature=c4-overview&list=UU3qmmCSc7VnbuTyxg94am4Q
19:16:58 <sri> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbI29zex3-E
19:17:02 <sri> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOWVFqtwFaI
19:18:20 <sri> anyways, I think with each new release we've been getting better reactions
19:18:45 <sri> do we have anything else to talk about on this topic?
19:18:57 <gonyere> Yeah it seems that way to me too
19:19:00 <sri> any comments on teh debian stuff?
19:19:04 <sri> we talked a little about it on the board.
19:19:27 <sri> I went throgh that thread and I had to facepalm a lot
19:19:42 <gonyere> What's up with debian?
19:19:45 <aday_> sri, gonyere, can we talk about what we should be doing in engagement?
19:20:06 <sri> aday_: sure, we can move on.. we can save the debian discussion for later.
19:20:21 <sri> #topic current state of engagement
19:20:32 <gonyere> Well we need to start on the 2014 annual report. .
19:20:58 <aday_> no ideas about how we can promote the 3.10 release?
19:21:36 <gonyere> Not really
19:21:55 <sri> well, we could do some interviews?
19:22:09 <sri> talk about some back story on some of the features?
19:22:21 <aday_> we should make sure that we are checking for new stories each day, i suppose
19:22:29 <aday_> like, this would be a good one to circulate - http://www.muktware.com/2013/10/testing-gnome-3-10-1-opensuse-13-1/15326
19:22:37 <sri> for instance, the new integrated menu now allows to easily access a number of things easier than we used to.
19:22:44 <aday_> that's from today
19:22:52 <gonyere> I have a google New alert setup
19:23:12 <aday_> gonyere: that's good. if you see anything, mention it here
19:23:18 <aday_> our social media channels are dead right now
19:23:26 <aday_> sri: interviews? who with?
19:23:43 <sri> well, I think you for one, yo ucould talk about some of the design wins.
19:24:20 <sri> mclasen or halfline might be another
19:24:24 <aday_> sri: i guess. i did blog about 3.10 already. what about doing a hangout on air or something?
19:24:39 <sri> if you recall, I really wanted to do a IAMA, but I'm not sure if that counts as supporting the 3.10 release.
19:25:05 <sri> hangout might be also fine.. we could do like a "happy hour with GNOME designer"
19:25:08 <sri> ?
19:26:33 <aday_> hopefully not just me :)
19:26:50 <sri> I can help as well
19:27:09 <sri> maybe throw in mclasen as well?
19:27:15 <aday_> sri: maybe we could do a couple. one on design, one on wayland
19:27:15 <sri> he's my go to guy!
19:27:21 <sri> yeah, that would work.
19:27:39 <sri> regarding the IAMA, I really want to do one prior to a release.
19:28:04 <sri> it allows us to set the tone and agenda on the release and put the release is a proper frame of mind.
19:28:22 <gonyere> Is gnome going to ne at fosdem? I was checking for deadlines last night and wonderd if that was taken care of...
19:28:58 <sri> there is a good probability as the board is thinking of doing an advisory board meeting.
19:28:58 <aday_> "gnome coffee: join the gnome team for a coffee and chat about the latest release"
19:29:17 <aday_> gonyere: there will definitely be people there. good to check that we are registered though
19:29:36 <sri> so going back to 3.10
19:29:44 <aday_> yes, let's come up with some action items
19:29:55 <aday_> i'd be happy to help organise a hangout on air
19:30:17 <aday_> gonyere, you'll keep us posted about 3.10 stories that we can re-circulate?
19:30:22 <sri> #agreed aday_ to organize hangout for design
19:30:35 <gonyere> Yeah
19:30:41 <sri> #agreed sri will organize hangout for non-design
19:31:01 <sri> #info we need to get more active on social media
19:31:24 <sri> do we have any work in progress pics we can share on social media?
19:31:43 <sri> #agreed gonyere  will keep us posted on 3.10 stories that we can re-circulate
19:31:45 <aday_> sri: maybe we should just have a single hangout, actually... we could cover design and wayland with the right people
19:32:10 <sri> okay, we can do that.
19:32:12 <aday_> sri: what do you mean by "work in progress pics"?
19:32:33 <sri> aday_: if we have some screenshots of design in progress that kind of thing
19:32:53 <sri> like when we sent out shots of gnome-music on planet.
19:33:00 <sri> something for people to get excited about.
19:33:34 <gonyere> I think thatd be great
19:34:26 <sri> hiya karenesq !
19:34:32 <gonyere> Hey karen
19:34:51 <aday_> sri: there's polari and logs, i suppose
19:34:57 <karenesq> hi gonyere
19:35:03 <sri> we're doing our engagement meeting and we are talking about ideas to promote GNOME 3.10
19:35:07 <karenesq> is the meeting now? I thought it was at 4
19:35:08 <karenesq> sorry
19:35:17 <karenesq> i mean in a half hour. My laptop died
19:35:29 <sri> yikes.. hopefully not permanently
19:35:30 <karenesq> ok sorry I'm late!
19:35:41 <karenesq> it's under warranty so I'm sending it back
19:36:09 <karenesq> well, we never did get around to sending questions to yahoo!
19:36:18 <karenesq> and they're willing to do an interview
19:36:20 <karenesq> so that might be good
19:36:25 <sri> aday_: I wil think of other things we can do to promote 3.10, although most of the distros have it now right?
19:36:41 <sri> wait what is this about yahoo?
19:36:48 <karenesq> maybe we can ask if anyone at yahoo! is using 3.10
19:36:54 <karenesq> they're willing to do an interview
19:37:00 <sri> oh, that's great!
19:37:01 <karenesq> because a lot of people are using Fedora internally there
19:37:05 <sri> we should definitely do that..
19:37:08 <karenesq> with GNOME as the default
19:37:15 <karenesq> yeah we just need to come up with some interview questions
19:37:23 <sri> perhaps Deindre1 or a marketing OPW intern can do this?
19:37:23 <karenesq> Deindre1 is awesome at that :)
19:37:36 <karenesq> haha. I never know what to ask
19:38:00 <sri> yeah I never do either "hows that GNOME 3.10 workin out for ya?"
19:38:19 <Deindre1> karenesq: hi!
19:39:05 <Deindre1> karenesq: sorry I'm late too, but here I'm
19:39:08 <karenesq> hi Deindre1 :D
19:39:20 <sri> Deindre1: will you be able to do interview with yahoo? :)
19:39:31 <Deindre1> yes, of course
19:39:33 <sri> Deindre1: and talk about 3.10?
19:39:36 <sri> sweet!
19:39:56 <karenesq> w00t!
19:39:58 <sri> #info karen mentions that we still have an outstanding interview with yahoo that we can do
19:40:12 <sri> #agreed Deindre will conduct the interview
19:40:35 <sri> are we done wtih this topic?
19:40:59 <sri> we sort of consolidated a number of our engagement topics into one here.
19:41:11 <Deindre> sri: I think aday_ would talk about socila networking
19:41:16 <Deindre> social
19:41:16 <sri> however, let's talk about the state of our social media presence
19:41:25 <Deindre> sri: :)
19:41:32 <sri> #topic social media presence
19:41:57 <sri> hiay aday, we are just starting the topic on our social media presence
19:42:09 <sri> basically, we haven't been doing much on social media
19:42:27 <sri> we made some agreements to do some hangsout on G+, but that still leaves twitter and facebook
19:42:28 <Deindre> I'm dealing with GNOME page on LinkedIN, but I'll be happy to give an hand
19:42:30 <gonyere> We've been slacking off pretty bad
19:42:38 <aday> sorry, my system locked up
19:42:53 <sri> yeah, I'm afraid we have not been on the ball as we could be.
19:43:00 <aday> sri, doing a better job of recirculating news posts was an action item, i think
19:43:03 <sri> aday_: hopefully not related to GNOME :-)
19:43:18 <sri> aday_: yes, I belive we captured that.
19:43:23 <aday> sri, yeah i'll blame someone else :)
19:43:41 <sri> I haven't been slacking off too bad. :)
19:43:58 <sri> I'm not doing enough righteous rants on G+ ;)
19:44:30 <gonyere> Yeah whenever someone finss a positive post thet ought to post on it
19:44:32 <sri> what about twitter and facebook?
19:44:46 <sri> what actioin items can we take to get things going again on these channels?
19:45:08 <aday> we need to make the most out of events when they happen
19:45:20 <gonyere> Does anyone kno the pws to fb? Its totally dead
19:45:31 <aday> we should be ready to post about outreach program things, for example
19:45:53 <aday> i don't think we had a single post about the .net hackfest :(
19:45:53 <gonyere> And I'm on constantly and cold try to keep it up if I had a ccess
19:45:55 <sri> gonyere: I have access, but I just use my own facebook account and then switch to GNOME
19:46:13 <aday> i have access too
19:46:16 <sri> aday: :(
19:46:38 <aday> i think one thing we need to be doing is talking to each other about what is coming up
19:46:47 <karenesq> the deadline for OPW applications this time is november 11
19:46:58 <karenesq> that's a good point aday
19:47:06 <aday> hi karenesq :)
19:47:43 <aday> maybe we could make that a part of each meeting
19:47:48 <sri> yeah, our internal communications need to improve.
19:47:49 <gonyere> We should be posting about opw and talking it up
19:48:08 <Deindre> we could post about OPW on social media
19:48:10 <sri> our channel has been kin dof dead for hte past two weeks :P
19:48:43 <aday> yep
19:48:48 <aday> longer really
19:49:04 <karenesq> hi aday :)  Sorry I've been so absent, I've been traveling and moving!
19:49:04 <gonyere> Basically since guadec really
19:49:12 <karenesq> yeah that's probably true
19:49:18 <karenesq> we announced PIA joining the adboard
19:49:25 <karenesq> and 3.10
19:49:26 <aday> karenesq, i thought that might have been the case :)
19:49:40 <karenesq> :)
19:49:48 <sri> I think after the release, everybody kind of checked out.
19:49:53 <aday> here's one thing we should do - monitor mylinuxdesktop and link to any articles with gnome users
19:49:56 <sri> I don't blame anyone for that, it's a lot of work!
19:50:20 <sri> we probably should checkout a week or two after a release just to get a breather.
19:50:36 <aday> like this one - http://www.mylinuxrig.com/post/62815623115/the-linux-setup-bryan-behrenshausen-academic
19:50:46 <aday> "I use GNOME Shell. There. I said it. And you know what? I love it."
19:50:54 <aday> that's from 1st october
19:50:56 <gonyere> Lol
19:51:09 <aday> we should notice these things :)
19:51:18 <Deindre> :)
19:51:41 <aday> "The first time I used GNOME Shell, I felt like I was home. It’s simple, elegant, intuitive, and efficient—love at first byte."
19:52:01 <karenesq> oo, I'll tweet it from my own account now
19:52:05 <aday> FREE NEWS FOR US
19:52:53 <karenesq> haha yes
19:52:55 <gonyere> That's a great interview
19:53:16 <gonyere> Il tweet it too when I get home tonight
19:53:24 <aday> karenesq, while i have your attention, can you send me your gpg key please? :)
19:53:44 <sri> I should probably do that too, huh?
19:53:51 <sri> I need to see where my gpg key is..
19:53:52 <gonyere> What do u need our keys for alan
19:54:41 <sri> we have a file with our all our passwords
19:54:44 <sri> so we want to sign it
19:54:58 <gonyere> Ahh
19:55:11 <gonyere> On git?
19:55:25 <sri> I believe so, yes.  av knows.
19:55:50 <gonyere> Finally gonna mske me get a git account huh?
19:56:11 <aday> gonyere, yes but then you will have ultimate power over the gnome social media accounts
19:56:17 <sri> imagine the power, gonyere !
19:56:33 <gonyere> Lolol
19:56:55 <sri> okay, so what is our action items here?
19:56:57 <sri> let's spell it out.
19:57:20 <sri> 1) every meeting we'll have share any gnome stories we encounteR?
19:57:39 <sri> 2) we'll discuss these stories in IRC, and make an agreement to share on social media?
19:57:53 <sri> anything else?
19:58:02 <sri> we need to make sure that this is sustaining..
19:58:14 <aday> yeah. the problem with irc is availability
19:58:37 <sri> what about the mailing list?
19:58:58 <aday> should work
19:58:59 <aday> let's try it
19:59:03 <Deindre> :)
19:59:08 <Deindre> I agreee
19:59:24 <sri> #agreed every meeting we'll have share any gnome stories we encounter
19:59:26 <gonyere> Sharing stories mght be besr on the mailing list
19:59:30 <sri> #agreed  we'll discuss these stories in IRC, and make an agreement to
19:59:43 <sri> #agreed  we'll discuss these stories in IRC, and make an agreement to share on social media?
20:00:08 <sri> #agreed we will share these on the mailing list and/or IRC
20:00:29 <sri> okay, next topic!
20:00:36 <sri> anything else we need to discuss?
20:00:55 <aday> internship opportunities?
20:01:12 <karenesq> someone already favorited my tweet :)
20:01:13 <aday> it doesn't seem that we have any good ones
20:01:20 <karenesq> well there is the annual report
20:01:21 <sri> #topic internship opportunities
20:01:32 <sri> let's talk about internship opportunities
20:01:34 <karenesq> that's how we roped in gonyere :)
20:01:39 <aday> karenesq, that's a good task - nice and concrete
20:01:47 <gonyere> Yeah we need ed tobget started on thevreport...
20:01:58 <aday> karenesq, gonyere, would you be able to mentor?
20:02:03 <sri> so, our internship person could work on the annual report?  otherwise known as cat herder? :)
20:02:26 <gonyere> Sorry about typos.. im at the park and my fingers r getting cold..
20:02:32 <sri> is that all we have? anything else?  creating media ?
20:02:41 <gonyere> I suppose aday
20:02:46 <sri> I need soemone to come up wtih a google adsense (or is that adword) stuff
20:03:06 <aday> sri, what does that involve?
20:03:07 <sri> I want to also use the footage from guadec.
20:03:10 <gonyere> Like a phrase sri??
20:03:38 <karenesq> aday: I can mentor, or better yet co-mentor with gonyere
20:03:48 <sri> aday: http://www.wordstream.com/how-to-use-google-adwords
20:04:13 <Deindre> karenesq: I don't know if I could be able, but I'd like to help in mentoring
20:04:16 <karenesq> ha gonyere thanks for joining us from the park
20:04:21 <karenesq> oh that's cool
20:04:27 <karenesq> maybe I can just be a backup mentor
20:04:30 <sri> basically we spent some time buying relevant words and then it shows up as a pay to click type thing
20:04:44 <karenesq> or sounded like gonyere might be not so keen on it
20:04:51 <karenesq> so maybe she could be a backup?
20:04:54 <gonyere> We should do ones for opw
20:04:56 <karenesq> I don't mind either way
20:04:59 <sri> yeah, I'm fine with that.. I love to push these knd of things to others :)
20:05:24 <sri> if Deindre is willing, let her do it :)
20:05:25 <gonyere> I don't mind either jyst haven't done so before
20:05:26 <aday> sri, hmm, ok. you think that would make a whole internship?
20:05:42 <sri> aday: no, it could be an extra task.
20:06:07 <sri> it's also a fairly clear task without a lot of ambiguity (other than actually researching)
20:06:22 <sri> the end result would be to come up with an ad, and then the board will have to agree to spend money on it.
20:06:24 <gonyere> Adwords annual report interviews social media.. bunch of stuff put together
20:06:46 <sri> interviews and social media would be more like what we ergular people can do, no?
20:07:17 <gonyere> Ahh I guess so
20:07:37 <gonyere> Still leaves a lot for interns tho
20:08:33 <sri> I don't want anything open ended.  it's a mistake I made last time.
20:08:41 <aday> i agree. ideally we'd have a definite task
20:09:02 <karenesq> wait, don't we get free adwords, sri? or am I misunderstanding?
20:09:36 <sri> karenesq: but we have to define the words right?
20:09:54 <Deindre> I think it's important to define certain tasks for intern
20:10:00 <gonyere> Probably
20:10:12 <sri> and a criteria of success
20:10:39 <gonyere> AdWords and work on the annual report is a lot tho
20:10:47 <aday> annual report is a good one
20:10:57 <sri> and we shouldn't add a list of tasks that takes time away from the main one.
20:11:01 <aday> a brand book would be another, but it would need a very highly skilled intern
20:11:25 <aday> i would be happy to mentor the right person for that. they'd have to be special though
20:11:36 <gonyere> Yeah I don't think that s likely unfortunately
20:11:46 <Deindre> aday: I wrote a brand book, is not easy to do if you're not deep in knowledge
20:12:27 <aday> Deindre, oh that's cool! we'd be looking for graphic design too
20:12:41 <sri> we need artists :)
20:13:05 <sri> BRB, gonna grab something from the cafe real quick before it closes.
20:13:12 <sri> be back in about 10 minutes.
20:13:12 <aday> sri, true
20:13:14 <Deindre> aday: wait, I wrote a book about Ubuntu (with a a large section about GNOME)
20:13:26 <sri> Deindre: link?
20:13:49 <gonyere> Ove been talking to someone whose an artist and is interested fwiw...
20:14:06 <Deindre> sri: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ubuntu-12-04-completa-versione-Ubuntu/dp/8820351773/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1383164028&sr=8-1&keywords=weisghizzi
20:14:37 <aday> i need to go and eat soon myself
20:14:47 <Deindre> aday: me too :)
20:14:52 <aday> seems like we have a few really good action points though
20:15:02 <gonyere> I'm gonna have to go soon too
20:15:07 <Deindre> aday: if you really want to write a book
20:15:23 <gonyere> Yeah a successful meeting
20:15:24 <Deindre> aday: I'm pretty sure I can help in preparing work
20:16:24 <Deindre> :preparatory
20:16:34 <Deindre> * preparatory
20:18:10 <karenesq> Deindre's english keeps getting better and better. If she stays in Scotland, we'll just have her write all of our media :)
20:19:34 <Deindre> karenesq: thank you very much! And my accurancy in writing now is very far from being  complete :P
20:19:38 <aday> Deindre, a brand book is mostly about visual identity...
20:20:25 <aday> see http://thenextweb.com/dd/2011/12/20/a-look-at-brand-books-from-the-best-in-the-business-apple-nike-and-more/
20:21:21 <Deindre> aday: I worked for 6 years in publishing, I think I could be able to help in planning the draft
20:21:31 <Deindre> :)
20:24:30 <Deindre> aday: if I correctly got what you've in your mind,  we could starting from defining our brand AS identity
20:25:37 <aday> Deindre, indeed. i'll definitely ask for your help if it comes to creating a book :)
20:26:35 <sri> oaky, back
20:27:08 <sri> oaky, cooll.  I will end the meeting
20:27:09 <sri> #endmeeting