19:06:37 <sri> #startmeeting
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19:06:42 <karenesq> haha now I see sri's message
19:07:27 <sri> #topic review of events to evangelize
19:07:57 <sri> going with our standard agenda on things that we need to communicate internally and externally
19:08:19 <karenesq> is there anything else about the reddit thread that we want to promote? there's so much great stuff in there
19:08:59 <sri> julita talked about spreading GNOME at FLOSSIE 2013
19:09:48 <sri> there is some news on evolution ews
19:10:21 <sri> bluetooth filesharing that hadess talked about
19:10:38 <sri> kat talked about updating documentation on 3.10
19:11:05 <sri> mathias had some api updates on GTK+3
19:11:55 <sri> anything else?
19:11:59 <sri> hiya gonyere_ :)
19:12:07 <gonyere_> hi sri, am i late?
19:12:20 <sri> only a little, no biggie :)BBB
19:12:37 <sri> topic is events that we should evangelize
19:12:41 <gonyere_> oh good :)
19:13:05 <sri> do you have anything we sholud tweet or post about?
19:13:07 <gonyere_> I think the usa science & engineering conference could be a great place to have a booth
19:13:16 <gonyere_> not really
19:14:00 <karenesq> I'm about to blog about my keynote at FSCONS
19:14:16 <gonyere_> cool:)
19:14:19 <sri> oh, we should probably say something about that.
19:15:21 <sri> okay, next topic
19:15:26 <sri> #topic opw
19:15:55 <sri> anybody know how many folks have applied for internship for engagement?
19:16:13 <karenesq> so the deadline passed for opw, did we have any applicants to GNOME engagement? I'm unaware of any
19:16:19 <aday_> sorry, i think i last my connection
19:16:38 <sri> no worries, aday.  we are talking about opw interns
19:16:56 <sri> we have one that I'm aware of
19:17:21 <aday_> karenesq, there was quite a lot of interest, mostly on the web development side but also for the annual report
19:17:24 <gonyere> I know there were one or two people who wanted to apply, but I'm not sure if any of them actually did
19:17:27 <aday_> i know of at least 3 applicants
19:17:41 <sri> oh, good, aday
19:18:21 <karenesq> oh cool aday!
19:18:32 <sri> aday_: so you have some good projects?  annual report and anything else?
19:19:03 <aday_> saumya said she would mentor someone for web. not sure exactly what
19:19:16 <sri> saumya: ping
19:19:24 <Deindre> Sorry for late :)
19:19:24 <saumya> aday_: we have one project for web this time
19:19:32 <sri> hiya Deindre ! welcome!
19:20:13 <aday_> saumya, you know what it'll be?
19:20:38 <gonyere> hi saumya & Deindre
19:20:58 <saumya> aday_: yes, it involves some simple tasks, they have been put up here https://wiki.gnome.org/GnomeWomen/OutreachProgram/2013/DecemberMarch#Project_Ideas
19:21:03 <saumya> hi gonyere  :)
19:21:10 <saumya> hey Deindre :)
19:21:33 <aday_> saumya, looks excellent
19:21:44 <karenesq> saumya,: I mentioned you in my FSCONS keynote :D
19:21:51 <aday_> sri, karenesq, do we have an agenda?
19:22:00 <saumya> aday_:  thanks!
19:22:17 <aday_> saumya, do let me know if you need help on the design side
19:22:22 <saumya> karenesq: oh thanks :) !
19:22:57 <sri> aday_: yeah,  sent it out on nov 10th
19:22:58 <saumya> aday_: sure, will let you know. Infact the redesign of bugzilla will need some mentoring from your side for it to be a success :)
19:23:05 <sri> * review of events that we need to social mediaize
19:23:35 <sri> * status of intern for OPW - (I think we have only one candidate for
19:23:35 <sri> engagement that I'm aware of, and they would prefer working on the
19:23:36 <sri> web)
19:23:43 <sri> * presence of conferences (engineering and science conference brought
19:23:44 <sri> up by Emily)
19:23:49 <sri> * review of trademark rules authored by Allan
19:24:09 <saumya> I guess we have an applicant who has applied both in web and engagement
19:25:21 <sri> right.
19:25:34 <aday_> thanks sri
19:25:48 <sri> for the engagement intern, who plans to be the mentor?
19:26:00 <aday_> sri, gonyere said she'd help i think
19:26:02 <sri> if I recall, we had last time talked about Deindre doing it?
19:26:19 <gonyere> Yeah, I'm available to mentor
19:26:26 <sri> okay, cool.
19:26:28 <karenesq> and I'm available too as a backup
19:26:31 <sri> is that okay with you, Deindre ?
19:26:41 <sri> I think you had volunteered your time last time
19:26:52 <karenesq> she definitely did :D
19:27:01 <sri> but since the project is annual report it's probably more approriate for gonyere to mentor that.
19:27:07 <Deindre> sri: yes of course. Maybe me an gonyere could co-mentor
19:27:30 <gonyere> Deindre sure
19:27:44 <Deindre> it should be really amazing gonyere :)
19:27:45 <sri> okay, sounds good.
19:28:16 <himangi> hi gonyere
19:28:20 <gonyere> hi himangi
19:28:39 <himangi> I am writing a report for the release-team.. I have contacted them and have got some information and meeting logs. How long shoud I keep my report?
19:29:11 <gonyere> as long as need be himangi - theres no limit, generally at least a couple paragraphs though
19:29:45 <sri> okay, looks like we have idenitifed hte projects for both web and engagement then?
19:29:59 <saumya> sri: I guess we have!
19:30:06 <himangi> thanks gonyere.. I would soon put it up on the wiki page
19:30:10 <sri> great :)
19:30:16 <sri> let's move on to the next topic then.
19:30:59 <sri> #topic conferences
19:31:19 <sri> emily talked about having a presence at an engineering and science conference
19:31:27 <karenesq> i think it's a really good idea
19:31:49 <sri> yeah, seems good to me.
19:32:09 <karenesq> none of us are local though, which is a bit of a bummer
19:32:09 <sri> what does everyone else think?
19:32:17 <gonyere> We've previously talked about being at other conferences outside the normal free software world, and that just seems like a perfect example of someplace that would be awesome to be at
19:32:33 <karenesq> gonyere: I looked at the website, but it seems that there are no talks there, just "performances" or something like that?
19:32:39 <sri> one thing though, how does our stuff fit into the science and engineering part?  What would be our pitch?
19:32:53 <gonyere> karenesq yeah, it looks more like booths and demonstrations and hands on type stuff
19:33:08 <gonyere> our pitch is the same as always sri - freedom :)
19:33:10 <karenesq> which is cool gonyere
19:33:30 <karenesq> i was just thinking that a talk proposal is easy :)
19:33:36 <karenesq> now we have to make a plan if we do something
19:33:42 <gonyere> yeah
19:33:45 <sri> I guess I was wondering if we are talking about contribution or using GNOME?
19:33:46 <karenesq> do we know what the attendance is usually, numberswise?
19:33:53 <gonyere> our biggest problem IMHO is the event box and its lack of... well, much of anything
19:34:16 <karenesq> and how impactful participation could be
19:34:29 <karenesq> gonyere: that is a problem that we *need* to solve, independent of this particular event
19:34:33 <hashem> gonyere, you could show some cool science-y GNOME/GTK+/(GNU/Linux) apps like http://worldofgnome.org/design-your-own-rocket-and-do-the-test-flight-with-openrocket/
19:34:52 <gonyere> absolutely hashem
19:35:02 <sri> cool idea hashem
19:35:22 <karenesq> oh hashem that's awesome
19:35:25 <gonyere> I think we'd want/need at least 2 full systems setup - so another monitor and 2 systems to run them
19:35:32 <gonyere> we have keyboards & mice, just nothing for them to run on
19:35:46 <karenesq> I think gaining users needs to be a huge part of our engagement efforts, sri
19:36:06 <sri> ok
19:36:15 <gonyere> I think it'd be important to have as many of the educational/sciency apps that run on gnome as possible on the systems too
19:36:22 <karenesq> yeah
19:36:42 <sri> then our pitch is that for engineering and science, GNOME is what you want to run - engage your curiosity
19:36:43 <gonyere> so like the kids' apps that have been worked on re: space and such over hte last couple summer of code's
19:36:54 <karenesq> on a related note, I do want to strategize for sxsw in case anyone has any ideas
19:37:08 <gonyere> karenesq I'd love to do sxsw :)
19:37:09 <sri> yes, that would be cool as well.
19:37:18 <sri> I'm thinking of doing something at a farmer's market as well.
19:37:27 <karenesq> the problem is that I don't think we should necessarily pay for a booth
19:37:32 <karenesq> i've been in touch with EFF about partnering
19:37:38 <karenesq> they always do a bunch of stuff there
19:37:46 <karenesq> but they've been slow about getting back to me about it
19:37:53 <karenesq> I'll ping again in a couple of weeks
19:38:06 <karenesq> oh another problem is that all of the city's hotels get booked up
19:38:17 <gonyere> sure karen - why not think about partnering with other org's too - maybe Tor?
19:38:18 <sri> yeah..
19:38:46 <gonyere> where's sxsw at again?
19:39:02 <gonyere> could we camp?
19:39:11 <karenesq> gonyere: sure, I'd be up for partnering. I don't think free software has had much of a presence there in the past at all
19:39:14 <karenesq> austin, texas
19:39:16 <karenesq> in march
19:40:01 <gonyere> mostly off-topic - is gnome going to be at FOSDEM again this year?
19:40:21 <aday_> gonyere, i was just about to ask about that
19:40:22 <karenesq> good question gonyere
19:40:24 <karenesq> a lot of us are going
19:40:26 <aday_> we need to make sure we have a booth
19:40:27 <gonyere> did anyone do the paperwork for a booth?
19:40:39 <gonyere> I didn't get a proposal in for a talk
19:40:59 <aday_> do we know who usually registers the booth?
19:41:05 <gonyere> and I haven't seen anything about a call for peopel to volunteer for/at a booth so I wondered
19:41:14 <karenesq> gonyere: I think there's time for that
19:41:18 <gonyere> i wanna say tobi but I'm not sure
19:41:26 <karenesq> the devroom deadlines are in December, I believe
19:41:29 <karenesq> for applications
19:41:43 <karenesq> gonyere: will you be submitting a talk proposal again? :D
19:42:05 <gonyere> oh really? Maybe I'm just reading the website wrong - thought it said something about an early nov deadline for mainline tracks...
19:42:22 <gonyere> karenesq - if I can think of anything to talk about...
19:42:56 <karenesq> there's a desktops room and a distributions room
19:43:19 <karenesq> gonyere: if you want I can brainstorm with you about it
19:43:25 <karenesq> that offer goes for everyone, btw
19:43:29 <karenesq> :D
19:43:31 <gonyere> sure karen :)
19:44:38 <aday_> we should send a mail round to remind people about submitting talks
19:44:48 <aday_> does anyone want to follow up on fosdem, or should i?
19:44:48 <sri> nod
19:44:52 <karenesq> gonyere: the deadline passed for the main track, but that's a small amount of the talks at FOSDEM
19:44:54 <karenesq> most are in the devrooms
19:45:09 <sri> what kind of talks do you want to do?
19:45:23 <karenesq> aday_: that's a great point
19:45:25 <sri> I could redo my gnome community talk..
19:45:29 * karenesq checks the desktop room deadline
19:46:01 <karenesq> December 14
19:46:17 <gonyere> oh sweet, we have a month:)
19:46:20 <sri> oh cool..
19:46:52 <karenesq> here's the call: http://www.elpauer.org/2013/10/fosdem-desktops-devroom-2014-call-for-talks/
19:46:56 <karenesq> it's only one day though
19:47:00 <karenesq> so it might be competitive
19:47:15 <karenesq> sri: you might be able to propose something good for the distros room too
19:47:16 <sri> hiya oliverp :)
19:47:21 <karenesq> hi oliverp!
19:47:30 <sri> karenesq: okay, I'll weigh in my options.
19:47:38 <karenesq> there's no travel funding for speakers in devrooms though
19:47:48 <karenesq> I proposed 3 talks to the main track, but I doubt any will be accepted
19:47:57 <sri> I think a talk on how we do community management might be a good talk.
19:47:59 <karenesq> one was co-proposed with Cat Allman of Google
19:48:09 <oliverp> sri, karenesq: hi, hi to the rest of team as well :)
19:48:12 <gonyere> is there travel funding for anyone karen?
19:48:19 <gonyere> hi olverp
19:48:26 <karenesq> FOSDEM sponsors travel for main track speakers, I believe
19:48:28 * sri hopes that he an get funding from INtel.
19:48:39 <gonyere> from gnome I mean
19:48:47 <karenesq> for GNOME presenters, the GNOME Foundation can consider ponying up :)
19:49:07 <karenesq> gonyere: if you're a speaker at FOSDEM I'd strongly recommend funding your travel.
19:49:16 <karenesq> to the board, I mean
19:49:20 <gonyere> :)
19:50:03 <karenesq> gonyere: next year you should propose to linux.conf.au - they give travel sponsorship to a lot of their speakers
19:50:14 <karenesq> if you want to go to australia that is :)
19:50:19 <karenesq> sorry I am getting off topic
19:50:33 <karenesq> I think I'm just so happy to be meeting with you guys :D
19:50:44 <gonyere> ooh yes karen, I'd love to visit australia :D
19:50:57 <sri> I'd love to do linux.conf.au
19:50:59 <gonyere> remind me next year when that time comes :D
19:51:11 <karenesq> heh ok gonyere,  I will try!
19:51:13 <Deindre> :)
19:51:24 <sri> okay, have we finished iwth htis topic?
19:51:58 <sri> #decision we will have a presence at the engineering and science forum talked about by Emily
19:52:21 <karenesq> well, I think we need a formal proposal for it
19:52:22 <sri> who will be in charge of taking are of FOSDEM booth?
19:52:26 <karenesq> along with a budget
19:52:40 <karenesq> good question
19:52:50 <karenesq> I think muelli did it in the past
19:52:53 <karenesq> but he's got less time now
19:52:54 <sri> #action emily to write a formal proposal with budget
19:53:03 <karenesq> is that ok gonyere?
19:53:25 <gonyere> sure
19:53:34 <karenesq> cool
19:53:35 <gonyere> this is the budget for the science/engineering conference?
19:53:43 <sri> yep
19:53:50 <gonyere> k
19:53:53 <Urne> oh it's in europe?
19:54:02 <karenesq> gonyere: if you can also find out what the numbers of usual attendees are and how impactful you think it will be that would be awesome
19:54:11 <gonyere> urne - no science/engineering in is washington, dc usa
19:54:19 <karenesq> (is impactful even a word? I use it all the time now)
19:54:19 <gonyere> karenesq will do
19:54:22 <karenesq> cool gonyere
19:54:23 <Urne> gonyere: FOSDEM?
19:54:24 <gonyere> lol
19:54:31 <gonyere> fosdem is in europe - brussels belgium
19:54:32 <karenesq> FOSDEM is in brussels
19:54:39 <sri> Urne: you want to handle taking care of FOSDEM booth?
19:54:50 <Deindre> please consider me for any event in Europe :) I'll be glad to attend
19:55:03 <sri> we can probalby convince muelli to help you.
19:55:04 <Deindre> and to submit a talk, if possible
19:55:14 <Urne> sri: if I can get help, then yes :)
19:55:19 * sri has to move to another room.. be back in about 5-6 minutes
19:55:24 <aday> sorry i think i dropped out again there
19:55:25 <sri> Urne: great!  Thank you for volunteering.
19:55:29 <sri> aday: you did.
19:55:38 <sri> don't worry there will be an irc transcript.
19:55:45 <sri> let's change tpoics
19:55:54 <sri> #topic review of trademark rules authored by Allan
19:55:54 <Urne> sri: no problem - now i just need to figure out how to get there :P
19:56:01 <sri> nutes..
19:56:14 <sri> I have to change areas.. can someone ask aday about trademark rules?
19:56:16 <karenesq> Urne: check on the FOSDEM website and see if you can find info about reserving the booth. that's the first step
19:56:23 <karenesq> ok, sri
19:56:28 <karenesq> we will move on to trademarks
19:56:28 <aday> https://fosdem.org/2014/news/2013-09-17-call-for-participation-part-two/ < booth info
19:56:30 <sri> Urne: well, right now we need someone to get teh booth sponsored.
19:56:32 <karenesq> I think it's blocked on me
19:56:34 <aday> deadline is 20 november
19:56:37 <karenesq> hahaha cool aday
19:56:40 <karenesq> nice finding it!
19:56:56 <Urne> sri: ah I see. guess it will come along the way then. In any case I'm totally up, it sounds like a great experience
19:57:16 <karenesq> everyone who wants to participate in runnign the booth should also think about proposing a lightning talk :)
19:57:18 <gonyere> karensq, Urne - you should probably ping tobi first and make sure he hasn't already done so :)
19:57:25 <karenesq> yeah good call gonyere
19:57:31 <gonyere> karenesq - maybe thats what I'll do... a lightening talk
19:57:36 <Urne> gonyere: thanks, good to know - I'll do so :)
19:57:39 <karenesq> Urne: mind coordinating with Tobias?
19:57:40 <karenesq> awesome
19:57:50 <karenesq> gonyere: you should propose to every possible place
19:57:59 <karenesq> :)
19:58:00 <aday> we ought to note down action items
19:58:01 <gonyere> karenesq lol
19:58:04 <aday> and review the ones from last meeting
19:59:24 <Urne> karenesq: I will look into it :)
20:00:03 <Urne> I would love to coordinate and get help from anyone willing to. Never done such thing before, afterall but will be a great experience i think
20:00:30 <aday> so we are on to brand guidelines?
20:00:41 <karenesq> I think so aday
20:00:41 <aday> (we ought to wrap this up soon)
20:00:43 <karenesq> yeah
20:00:55 * karenesq goes to pull up aday's last emaill
20:01:04 <aday> not much to say here. new guidelines are here - http://www.gnome.org/logo-and-trademarks/
20:01:24 <aday> talking with the board about what to do about this page - https://wiki.gnome.org/Foundation/LicensingGuidelines
20:01:49 <aday> one outstanding item - we maybe need a link in the website footer to the guidelines
20:02:07 <gonyere> Urne Iḿ happy to help, as much as I can, though thats likely to be limited since I in the US Ñp
20:02:53 <karenesq> aday: is it ok to discuss your last email here?
20:03:05 <aday> karenesq, i don't see why not
20:03:14 <karenesq> cool!
20:03:37 <Urne> gonyere: thank you, I'm sure that would be useful. :)
20:03:44 <karenesq> so I really did think that "fair use" was a bit weird since there's no real concept like that in US trademark law
20:03:54 <karenesq> we have nominative use
20:04:00 <gonyere> but there is in copyright law
20:04:07 <karenesq> which is an analogy to fair use under copyright law
20:04:11 <karenesq> but it's not the same
20:04:16 <karenesq> in any event
20:04:23 <karenesq> i thought it was weird we referred to that in our policy
20:04:27 <karenesq> I'm totally for simplifying it
20:04:53 <karenesq> but I think we need to first get the board and then the foundation generally to adopt it
20:04:58 <aday> karenesq, my main issue with it is the overlap with the other guidelines, and that parts of it are really ambiguous
20:05:01 <karenesq> at least
20:05:10 <karenesq> aday: yeah, I hate it
20:05:21 <karenesq> but when I joined I was told that it was adopted after much public discussion
20:05:25 <karenesq> and that we were kind of stuck with it
20:05:37 <karenesq> I made one minor change to avert disaster with the debian community
20:05:39 <aday> "You may make fair use of GNOME word marks to make true factual statements GNOME, or to truthfully communicate that your product or service is compatible with, designed for use with, or was designed using, GNOME" < i have no idea what that means
20:05:45 <karenesq> and had to argue for it on foundations
20:05:47 <karenesq> -list
20:06:24 <aday> karenesq, i admit that i don't know the history of this
20:06:38 <karenesq> it's to allow people to describe remixes as "based on GNOME"
20:06:43 <karenesq> and stuff like that
20:07:03 <aday> karenesq, the thing is, we don't have any criteria for what that means
20:07:03 <karenesq> aday: that's ok, I think maybe it's so much after the fact that it's an opportunity to move on
20:07:12 <karenesq> well, it's vague aday
20:07:14 <aday> there's no definition of what gnome is
20:07:20 <karenesq> but intentionally so
20:07:25 <gonyere> so its to allow pantheon/elementary to say they're 'based on GNOME' if they would want to
20:07:25 <aday> sure
20:07:27 <gonyere> for example
20:07:35 <karenesq> so that we can stop people who are engaging in confusing usage to stop
20:07:48 <karenesq> er, that was not written well at all but I hope you get what I am saying
20:08:01 <aday> i don't see why we don't just have "you may make fair use of GNOME word marks to make true factual statements GNOME"
20:08:11 <gonyere> its intentionally vague so that most anyone can say it, but if we don't like it, we can (theoretically) make htem stop
20:08:16 <karenesq> the problem is that we can't anticipate what might be said
20:08:22 <aday> oh is there a missing "about" there?
20:08:29 <karenesq> yeah ther eis
20:08:38 * karenesq can't type today
20:09:41 <aday> anyway, i think we can agree that it should be better
20:10:11 <karenesq> aday: so saying that you are "based on GNOME" product, for example, or that you're "from GNOME" could be really misleading depending on the circumstances
20:10:15 <karenesq> and context
20:10:20 <Urne> I will leave but come back later and work
20:10:21 <karenesq> yeah that's true aday
20:10:29 <aday> "You cannot use GNOME logos or stylizations of GNOME word or other GNOME Trademarks"
20:10:32 <Urne> ttyl :)
20:10:36 <aday> i mean, that's not even english :)
20:10:47 <karenesq> heh
20:10:55 <aday> what is a "stylization" in this context?
20:11:06 <aday> you can't put a hat on it?
20:12:07 <karenesq> haha
20:12:22 <gonyere> lolol
20:12:38 <gonyere> Can we make it a big grinning foot face?
20:12:40 <gonyere> :P
20:12:56 <aday> i assume it's talking about making modifications...
20:12:58 <sri> I need to head out.
20:13:07 <karenesq> ok, sri
20:13:12 <aday> see you sri
20:13:13 <karenesq> I think aday needs to wrap up too
20:13:17 <sri> when yo uguys are done, can someone do a # endmeeting (remove the space)
20:13:18 <gonyere> cya sri
20:13:25 <aday> i need to eat
20:13:27 <sri> thanks guys, great meeting!
20:13:34 <karenesq> aday: should we schedule a meeting to hack on the trademark stuff
20:13:35 <karenesq> ?
20:13:40 <karenesq> other people mgiht be interested in joining
20:13:46 <karenesq> who are not on the engagement team
20:14:38 <aday> karenesq, it's still not clear to me if there are legal requirements that aren't covered by the two other pages on trademarks
20:14:41 <gonyere> should probably send an email to foundation-list then
20:15:02 <aday> karenesq, identifying the requirements seems to be the first step...
20:16:14 <karenesq> heh ok, aday
20:16:40 <karenesq> I'll take an action item for the next meeting to review them all, from a legal perspective
20:16:46 <karenesq> sigh! :)
20:18:17 <aday> sorry karenesq :)
20:18:41 <aday> karenesq, speaking of which... gpg key!
20:19:09 <karenesq> oh right!
20:19:25 <karenesq> all of the travel has been getting to me aday :)
20:19:55 <gonyere> hehehe
20:20:04 <aday> it's ok
20:20:18 <aday> i need to run
20:20:22 <aday> nice chatting
20:20:26 <gonyere> cya aday
20:21:13 <av> karenesq, hey! did you guys discuss about the worldofgnome.org issue?
20:23:50 <gonyere> av no, whats up?
20:27:17 <av> gonyere, there's some background I can't tell right now but do you feel having someone looking at the worldofgnome.org blog would benefit the project as of now?
20:27:56 <karenesq> thanks for raising it av!
20:28:10 <av> sorry for coming so late, just logged in : /
20:28:35 <karenesq> no it's my fault, I should have brought it up, but sri and aday had to go and I think we still need to wait and see what the story is...
20:29:10 <karenesq> basically worldofgnome is stalling and we might be able to step in to help
20:29:14 <karenesq> it has a big readership
20:29:40 <gonyere> not a lot of new stuff, at least compared to what they were doing
20:30:51 <karenesq> yeah
20:31:06 <oliverp> its good to items to next time, may we should bring up  fundraising as well
20:32:19 <karenesq> yeah good point oliverp
20:37:59 <gonyere> wow karenesq - according to wikipedia, the science & engineering festival had over 200k attendees last year...
20:39:55 <oliverp> have it been any updates on the results of the privacy campaign, yet?
20:44:18 <gonyere> Also, there *is* an actual conference before the festival. Depending on who we really want to reach (educators vs kids) we may want to do the conference and/or the festival: http://usnewsstemsolutions.com/become-an-exhibitor
20:53:24 <karenesq> oh wow gonyere!
20:53:39 <karenesq> good researching!
20:55:37 <Urne> sri: I may have been a bit too fast on the trigger with regards to FOSDEM, since I discovered that there's no direct flight from my city's airport which means higher travel expenses. But I will gladly get in touch with Tobias and hear him out if he is attending. I will also gladly help the booth in any way I can in regards to preparations!
20:56:00 <Urne> perhaps I can adapt the flier I plan to create, so that it can be used as a hand-out for FOSDEM and similar events
20:56:21 <karenesq> oh cool Urne
20:56:25 <karenesq> where are you located?
20:56:37 <Urne> karenesq: Aalborg, Denmark
20:57:57 <Urne> It's not that far away flight-wise, but not exactly close either :P
20:59:32 <karenesq> wow would take a long time to get there by train
21:00:02 <Urne> yes :|
21:00:24 <Urne> perhaps I can hit up on the conference in berlin instead, I think there's something going on there if I recall..
21:00:31 * Urne looks up flights to berlin
21:02:42 <Urne> bummer.. oh well, perhaps I should have thought this through before moving to this city heh
21:02:59 <karenesq> haha
21:03:38 <gonyere> karenesq - also looks like a booth is $3000 if we register before January 31, 2014
21:03:46 <gonyere> and 6k if we do so after
21:04:18 <karenesq> aha!
21:04:25 <karenesq> that's a lot of money either way though
21:04:29 <gonyere> yeah
21:04:29 <karenesq> do they have a nonprofit rate?
21:04:33 <karenesq> or is that the nonprofit rate?
21:04:34 <Urne> makes me feel bad about €200.. ._.'
21:04:44 <gonyere> idk, not that I see right off, but it might be worth asking
21:07:17 <Urne> btw the tobi you are talking about, is that TobiasMueller? https://wiki.gnome.org/TobiasMueller
21:07:42 <gonyere> yeah
21:07:54 <gonyere> i think he's muelli on irc
21:08:48 * Urne goes to going to e-mail him now
21:12:57 <Urne> Sent tobias a mail now. will get back to you with info as soon as he replies
21:20:08 <Urne> uuh, stands is free at FOSDEM, that's nice
21:20:50 <Urne> the deadline for stands is in less than a week though :o
21:21:14 <Urne> by Nov the 20th we need to know whether we'll have people there to occupy a stand
21:21:18 <gonyere> great, thanks Urne!
21:27:54 <Urne> no problem :)
21:28:08 <gonyere> karenesq - I assume you'll be at FOSDEM again this year? Any idea who else will be?
21:32:08 <karenesq> I am gonyere!
21:32:15 <karenesq> andreasn is planning to go
21:32:36 <karenesq> probably an email would get a lot of people
21:33:21 <mdhill> potentially attendees of the UK docs hackfest
21:35:14 <mdhill> see "How to leave" https://wiki.gnome.org/Hackfests/WinterDocs2014
21:39:10 <Urne> I wish FOSDEM was in uk, then I would have direct connection :s
21:39:50 <Deindre> mdhill: when and where will the UK hackfest?
21:44:17 <sri> #endmeeting