19:08:45 <sri> #startmeeting
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19:09:00 <sri> #topic SXSW planning
19:09:15 <sri> I sent out a mail earlier today regarding what we are doign in SXSW
19:09:23 <sri> I had a call with Karen yesteray to generate some action items
19:09:33 <sri> so to re-iterate what we are doing from the mail:
19:09:44 <sri> 1) tweet/retweet GNOME's presence at SXSW
19:09:57 <sri> 2) tweet/retweet Karen Sandler's talk at SXSW
19:10:13 <fabiana> when is this talk? ^
19:10:17 <sri> 3) tweet/retweet GNOME event at Muddys
19:10:20 <sri> Karen's talk is on Saturday
19:10:26 <fabiana> and the event?
19:10:32 <sri> Saturday evening
19:10:39 <sri> at least that is the plan
19:10:40 <fabiana> cool, GNOME day :)
19:10:51 <fabiana> what is Karen's talk about?
19:11:13 <sri> it wasn't muddy's it is "Mugshots"
19:11:57 <andreasn> how does this GNOME event work?
19:12:03 <alxgrtnstrngl> Hello, I've just arrived.
19:12:09 <sri> fabiana: it's the one she usually presents
19:12:28 <fabiana> so OPW-focused, right?
19:12:33 <fabiana> or the medical devices one?
19:12:43 <sri> andreasn: we reserve soem space at the venue (currently Mugshot - 10 minutes walk from the venue), we have a poster and then we invite people to come over and talk with us
19:12:49 <sri> cmedical devices one
19:12:59 <sri> she's tweaked it for SXSW audience
19:13:07 <andreasn> what apart from a poster do you have?
19:13:10 <sri> hiya alxgrtnstrngl :)
19:13:11 <andreasn> anything to hand out?
19:13:12 <fabiana> interesting!
19:13:30 <sri> we talked about fliers, but I'm sort of iffy about getting them printed out
19:13:35 <sri> we might just print the fliers in Austin
19:13:49 <sri> but we also want to get contacts so that we can contact them later.
19:13:59 <sri> karen feels that most peple like being contacted
19:14:00 <andreasn> right
19:14:20 <fabiana> I feel business cards + fliers could be nice to have
19:14:28 <sri> my original idea was to bring usb sticks that people can stick on their computers to run and with a cntact on the usb stick.
19:14:41 <fabiana> if you talk to people about GNOME, it might be cool to give them some reference to check later
19:14:59 <sri> we talked about business cards, but felt it was kind of late to do it.. and it goes back to, getting their contacts rather than us giving them things.
19:15:15 <sri> I like the business card, because it gives a specific person to contact and a name and face
19:15:28 <andreasn> so, basically, you will have a poster
19:15:32 <andreasn> and yourselves
19:15:34 <sri> we had talked about a page or something that we could point people at, maybe a special SXSW page?
19:15:42 <sri> like "welcome SXSW visitors!" type of thing
19:15:49 <sri> yep!
19:16:13 <fabiana> I think gnome.org is a simple enough URL for people to remember
19:16:23 <fabiana> anything more complicated might just be forgotten
19:16:26 <sri> I think that's fine, because I don't really know the audience that well adn we could have 5 people or maybe a 100 people so being conservative is fine
19:16:53 <andreasn> right, I guess this year to some extent it's about getting to know the conference
19:16:54 <sri> okay, makes sense, fabiana
19:17:01 <sri> yeah
19:17:11 <andreasn> if you are able to write a report or a blog post afterwards that would be awesome
19:17:19 <sri> karen knows it but mostly because the whole city goes into party mode when the music festival starts :D
19:17:30 <sri> Karen and I plan on blogging today about going to the event
19:17:37 <fabiana> yeah, a report on the event would be really awesome
19:17:41 <sri> and then of course, do some tweeting during and then a post conference report
19:17:53 <fabiana> it'd be nice to have a wiki page for reference too
19:17:59 <sri> well, the report is mandatory I think :)
19:18:10 <fabiana> you know, what worked and what didn't, what nice things others did, etc
19:18:12 <andreasn> so regarding the tweeting, you and Karen have all the credentials to be able to tweet etc?
19:18:13 <sri> sure, I can do that.. maybe at the end of each day or something I can put something on the wiki
19:18:24 <sri> andreasn: yep, i have the gnome tweet account user/pass
19:18:27 <fabiana> sri: awesome! thanks so much
19:18:35 <sri> but we will need others to re-tweet as well.
19:18:57 <andreasn> sure, of course
19:19:03 <fabiana> andreasn and I will keep an eye on twitter on Saturday for anything worth retweeting
19:19:56 <sri> great!
19:20:02 <fabiana> sri: just to confirm: it's Sat 8th not 15th, right?
19:20:03 <sri> I have already printed out a poster, pick it up later tdoay
19:20:11 <sri> yes, saturday the 8th
19:20:15 <fabiana> cool
19:20:46 <sri> SXSW is one expensive place
19:20:53 <sri> crazy expensive..
19:21:09 <sri> also I sent some links to the presnetations
19:21:11 <sri> and there are a LOT
19:21:22 <sri> mind numbing amount of presentations over teh weekend.
19:21:42 <andreasn> cool, sounds fun
19:21:49 <sri> I think it will be.
19:21:59 <sri> :)
19:22:11 <fabiana> sri: do you know of any FOSS-related talks we should keep an eye on?
19:22:33 <sri> fabiana: I dont' think there is a lot out there, I think teh EFF may have something
19:22:40 <sri> fabiana: I did see some nice tlak on community  management and outreach
19:22:46 <sri> fabiana: and how to handle social media
19:23:17 <fabiana> right
19:23:45 <sri> I think free software is not an often talked about topic there :)
19:23:46 * diegoe waves
19:23:58 <fabiana> so summing up, SWSX: tweeting/retweeting, reports and wiki page, poster for GNOME event
19:24:03 <sri> here is the venue:
19:24:04 <sri> http://www.yelp.com/biz/mugshots-austin
19:24:12 <sri> yep
19:24:23 <sri> oh yeah, just want to make one other comment
19:24:30 <sri> Tiffany has been awesome helping here.
19:24:40 <sri> we are using her as an event coordinator
19:24:47 <diegoe> yey tiffany
19:24:54 <sri> and she's helped us look at venues, calling and what not.
19:24:54 <fabiana> pretty cool
19:25:08 <fabiana> sri: it'd be awesome if you could bring these discussions to the mailing list
19:25:12 <sri> yeah, I was telling Karen that an event coordinator is one of those things that you don't know you want till you have it
19:25:15 <fabiana> I think we could all learn a lot from them
19:25:17 <sri> then wonder how you ever got along without one.
19:25:26 <sri> fabiana: sure
19:25:46 <sri> I usually try to discuss everything on the mailing list and  not go off list
19:26:02 <fabiana> and it'd also be pretty cool to have tiffany closer to the team, she's quite good at engagement stuff
19:26:18 <sri> yeah, we want to re-use her videos from guadec last year.
19:26:27 <sri> she went through an aweful amount of trouble
19:26:36 <sri> and if we can use some of it, that would be great.
19:26:41 <fabiana> definitely
19:26:45 <sri> in any case, she's still engaged and still wants to do GNOME stuff
19:26:48 <sri> just need to tell her waht to do.
19:26:55 <sri> going to get her involved in guadec
19:27:05 <sri> but if we want to setup an event, we should just ask her to do it.
19:27:09 <sri> she'll get it done, she's very reliable.
19:27:36 <fabiana> awesome! yeah, if we get her to join the our channels, that makes dialogue a lot easier
19:27:44 <sri> I'll ask her if she can do it
19:27:46 <fabiana> sri: so that's an action item for you, haha
19:27:50 <sri> she's a bit shy
19:27:55 <sri> yay, action item for me :)
19:27:56 <sri> :P
19:28:01 <fabiana> but cool, so I guess that's it for SXSW?
19:28:08 <diegoe> we can cure that with our silliness
19:28:10 <sri> yeah, let's move on to the next topic.
19:28:43 <fabiana> I guess you have to work your meetingbot magic, sri
19:28:43 <sri> #topic westcoast hackfest
19:28:44 <fabiana> :D
19:28:49 <diegoe> sri: (I'd add that if you tweet, try to include a photo, even if it's just a sticker on your laptop. bonus points for filters. photos are much more likely to be seen)
19:29:04 <sri> diegoe: my laptop is stickered out man :)
19:29:05 <fabiana> +1 ^
19:29:28 <fabiana> so what's up with the hackfest?
19:29:36 <sri> we should probably talk about making sure that we have a cache of stickers and what not in the U.S.
19:29:41 <sri> yeah.. so let me update you guys
19:29:53 <sri> hackfest is totally on,
19:30:02 <sri> I think we're pretty mcuh got everything in place
19:30:18 <sri> the topics are going to be amazing and there are just a lot of cool things to hack on.
19:30:36 <sri> now, I have a bunch of people who represent the entire stack from kernel to application devleopers
19:30:46 <sri> so I've been using that opportunity to get people to come to a community dinner
19:30:49 <sri> on teh first night.
19:30:57 <sri> so, so far I have secured some interest from ChromeOS guys
19:31:11 <sri> workign on Mozilla, if I can get them to respond to my mail *sigh*
19:31:32 <sri> OTC/Intel is sending one or two people over as they have some things they want to discuss
19:31:46 <sri> I'm hoping to get Yocto folks to come so that we can talk about gnome continuous with walters.
19:32:00 <sri> Working on getting soem folks from IVI like jaguar landrover
19:32:17 <andreasn> sounds nice
19:32:23 <fabiana> that's pretty cool
19:32:24 <sri> I invited Nat as well
19:32:43 <fabiana> I guess that's the kind of stuff we want to be talking about on gnome.org
19:32:46 <sri> I've been bugging OTC Marketing to give me some additoinal contacts so I can get peole like Tesla to come.
19:33:08 <fabiana> it's great to let people know we have some many different companies wanting to join
19:33:14 <sri> Also allan mentioned to oen of the designers of evolveos? I can't remember that project, to come to the dinner
19:33:15 <fabiana> s/some/so
19:33:27 <andreasn> yeah, news post sounds like a good idea
19:33:27 <sri> fabiana: we do!
19:33:32 <andreasn> and some G+ and twitter
19:33:35 <sri> pictures, and what not
19:33:36 <andreasn> anything else we need to do?
19:33:49 <sri> during the hackfest, diego and I are planning to do some engagement work
19:33:57 <fabiana> sri: would it be helpful to have any news out prior to the event?
19:34:10 <sri> I would like to hold a google hangout with you guys so that we can talk about it with teh rest of the group
19:34:22 <sri> fabiana: yep.. Lennart has already started talkign about it
19:34:25 <sri> but we need to as well.
19:34:26 <andreasn> during the hackfest?
19:34:30 <sri> yeah
19:34:36 <andreasn> sure, what date?
19:34:40 <sri> I dont' want to leave you guys out
19:34:59 <sri> maybe the 9th and the 10th? of april?
19:35:18 <sri> 9th evening for you guys.
19:35:36 <sri> basically wahtever diego and I discuss, we can share with you all and then take your feedback and then re-iterate the next day
19:35:38 <fabiana> sri: can I haz the hackfest url?
19:35:43 <andreasn> 10th is out for me I think
19:35:52 <andreasn> sure, sure
19:36:00 <sri> https://wiki.gnome.org/Events/Hackfests/WestCoastSummit2014
19:36:19 <sri> okay, let's start wtih 9th, and then maybe on teh 11th, we'll send mail otut to the list
19:36:50 <diegoe> I think there are many chances to come up with interesting posts re: the hackfest
19:37:04 <diegoe> considering there will be so many people from different interesting things
19:37:17 <alxgrtnstrngl> sri,  would this be an appropriate time to gather contacts for the enterprise engagement project?
19:37:20 <fabiana> diegoe: would you like to come up with a posting schedule for us to work on?
19:37:24 <sri> diego and I will also blog our work and also what goes on in the hackfest.
19:37:31 <sri> definitely I wll get members to blog about it
19:37:59 <sri> alxgrtnstrngl: you mean at the community dinner?
19:38:11 <alxgrtnstrngl> sri, sort of put together a list of people willing to act as advisors, yes at the dinner.
19:38:25 <andreasn> enterprise engagement?
19:38:32 <sri> alxgrtnstrngl: hmm.
19:38:34 <alxgrtnstrngl> sri, or at least begin the conversation.
19:38:44 <sri> yeah, might be worth doing
19:39:01 <alxgrtnstrngl> we might need to have a separate meeting about that.
19:39:20 <alxgrtnstrngl> andreasn, do you want me to forward you the link to the etherpad entry so you can get an overview?
19:39:21 <sri> we probably need another meeting for that, I agree
19:39:25 <diegoe> fabiana: if we can get some info and words from the attendees before the meetup that might be interesting
19:39:28 <sri> it's too cmplex a topic
19:39:30 <andreasn> alxgrtnstrngl, yes please
19:39:39 <sri> alxgrtnstrngl: set it up :)
19:40:14 <alxgrtnstrngl> sri, okay do we have anyone here interested in joining in on a separate enterprise meeting perhaps next week?
19:40:22 <fabiana> I think we should get a blog post out as soon as possible, so anyone interested can still plan to attend
19:40:31 <sri> alxgrtnstrngl: sure, I'll join.
19:40:41 <sri> fabiana: okay
19:40:45 <sri> fabiana: +1
19:40:47 <diegoe> fabiana: true a hundred times
19:40:48 <sri> I can blog.
19:41:00 <sri> it is teh right time
19:41:03 <diegoe> I'll blog too
19:41:16 <andreasn> how big is the venue? It's open for the public?
19:41:27 <sri> we'll need to make sure that we tell people that travel funding is closed.
19:41:28 <fabiana> diegoe: sri maybe one of you can write a gnome.org post?
19:41:32 <diegoe> do we have photos from last year's summit? or of the venue?
19:41:44 <fabiana> sri: yep, good to make that clear
19:41:59 <sri> fabiana: sure thing.
19:42:19 <sri> I will tell Christian Hergert and Kristian Hoegsberg to blog as well.
19:42:33 <sri> there are some really cool stuff being hacked on, I'm really excited.
19:42:41 <diegoe> maybe I'll save my post for later on the week then
19:42:51 <sri> #action sri and diego to blog about hackfest
19:42:56 <sri> #action sri to tell other members to blog about hackfest
19:43:03 <diegoe> if both c/kristians are going to blog, we can cover more days
19:43:48 <sri> anything else on this topic?
19:44:00 <diegoe> photos of the venue if possible
19:44:27 <diegoe> otherwise we can fill in with generic GNOME meetings pics
19:44:33 <sri> #action get photos of the venue
19:44:54 <sri> I acn ask the folks at endless mobile to provide us
19:45:01 <sri> it will be at their offices
19:45:10 <sri> they are really excited about it as well.
19:45:45 <diegoe> :)
19:46:05 <diegoe> make a note to remind them to share the news on their media then
19:46:24 <sri> #action remind endless mobile to talk about hackfest
19:47:02 <sri> I have a topic regarding the release team meeting
19:47:14 <sri> but i can't remember all the details unfortunately to summarize
19:47:33 <sri> I was hoping frozcat would have shown up to talk about it
19:47:43 <sri> let me make an attempt
19:47:46 <sri> #topic release team
19:48:08 <sri> I think everything is in place for the release
19:48:18 <sri> tehy had one request in the release notes to talk about gitg
19:48:43 <sri> We are wrokign on coming up with images early so that we can have reviewers check it out
19:48:57 <sri> we aren't going to get be on wayland this time around unfortunately
19:49:11 <sri> we're hoping that we can at least get some GDM integration so that we can claim that we made progress
19:49:25 <sri> we are going to be doing a lot of htat during the west coast hackfest btw
19:49:58 <sri> mclasen agreed to do a preview release with wayland mid 3.13 cycle
19:50:07 <sri> so that we can show off the cool stuff
19:50:31 <sri> anyways, that's the news from the release team
19:50:32 <diegoe> cool
19:50:34 <andreasn> thanks
19:50:49 <sri> oaky, let's talk about annual report
19:51:02 <sri> #topic annual report
19:51:08 <sri> hows things going there, diegoe ?
19:51:17 <fabiana> bring it on, diegoe
19:51:48 <diegoe> i have a pending update on the schedule. andreasn suggested to compress some milestones, I'll probably just move it one week or so. haven't looked yet
19:52:05 <diegoe> besides that, people signed up for most articles, so that's fine. i also have to update the wiki for that
19:52:21 <andreasn> is there any articles missing?
19:53:24 <diegoe> checking
19:53:58 <diegoe> I might be missing an email but I think only the sub-topic of GNOME Summit is missing
19:54:24 <sri> GNOME summit?
19:54:31 <diegoe> I'll make sure to confirm that later today with an update list of times and writers
19:54:45 <andreasn> ok
19:54:53 <fabiana> sri: that's the Montreal Summit, right?
19:54:56 <diegoe> sri: (in Conferences, some were specifically spelled out. Asia, GUADEC, Summit)
19:54:59 <sri> fabiana: ah, right.
19:55:10 <sri> or "those who hated portland and wanted montreal instead" summit.
19:55:23 <fabiana> andreasn: you should also reach out to daniel and sync about the report design
19:55:43 <sri> #action andreas - reach out to daniel and sync on report design
19:55:50 <sri> goot catch, fabiana :)
19:56:09 <andreasn> fabiana, I will
19:56:09 <diegoe> there are a few things about past designs I would like to discuss too
19:56:16 <andreasn> diegoe, shoot
19:56:21 <fabiana> sri: can anyone add action items? or only you?
19:56:34 <sri> fabiana: I think you might need to be a chair, but goa head and try?
19:56:49 <diegoe> my peeves are mainly having more padding, white space and a different font
19:56:50 <fabiana> #action diego to check missing articles
19:56:57 <sri> it doesnt' make sense to not allow people to do action items
19:57:05 <fabiana> how do I know it worked? :P
19:57:07 <diegoe> #action diego to update schedule
19:57:27 <sri> av: can meetbot list action items already collected?
19:57:41 <andreasn> diegoe, too little white space?
19:57:59 <diegoe> yep. most reports have been very heavy on text and with little white space
19:58:17 <andreasn> indeed
19:58:35 <diegoe> I would like that we produce something that most people can read front to back
19:58:46 <diegoe> (quick and happy)
19:58:47 <fabiana> #commands
19:58:47 <Services> Available commands: #accept #accepted #action #agree #agreed #chair #commands #endmeeting #halp #help #idea #info #link #lurk #meetingname #meetingtopic #nick #rejected #restrictlogs #save #startmeeting #topic #unchair #undo #unlurk
19:59:11 <sri> http://meetbot.debian.net/Manual.html
19:59:12 <andreasn> right, so ideally shorter articles?
19:59:35 <diegoe> definitely, but also keeping the intention in mind for design would be cool
19:59:39 <sri> #chair andreasn
19:59:39 <Services> Current chairs: andreasn sri
20:00:00 <sri> (note I have to leave in about 10 minutes, sadly enough)
20:00:06 <andreasn> diegoe, sure
20:00:49 <diegoe> andreasn: that's also why i would like an eye friendlier font like a serif or something easier on print
20:01:08 <diegoe> but that might be debatable as there are some nice sans serif that are easy to read on print too
20:01:34 <andreasn> there is, and it's to a large extent a matter of being used to read sans-serif
20:01:47 <andreasn> but I'm happy to try a serif
20:01:49 <alxgrtnstrngl> Do you have a draft of the annual report?  A link?
20:01:52 <diegoe> I'm leaning for serif because it usually has the fancy bit flipped to "on"
20:02:10 <andreasn> fancy bit?
20:02:19 <diegoe> I mean it looks a bit fancier :P
20:02:29 <andreasn> right, indeed
20:02:40 <fabiana> alxgrtnstrngl: no drafts of the new one yet
20:02:43 <andreasn> how do you feel about a two column layout?
20:02:50 <fabiana> two column \o/
20:02:58 <alxgrtnstrngl> serifs are a better choice for formal documents, so I agree with the above.
20:03:01 <diegoe> sure, that might be interesting
20:03:03 <fabiana> #love two column layout
20:03:14 <diegoe> #obey two columns
20:03:19 <andreasn> so we also need a bunch of good photos for the report
20:03:22 <andreasn> the sooner the better
20:03:38 <fabiana> diegoe: can you put together an outline of the report?
20:03:43 <diegoe> that's another point I have. we need to be ruthless with photo selection. i'm already gathering some
20:03:46 <fabiana> I'd be happy to look for images based on it
20:04:07 <diegoe> fabiana: I can produce a "brief" that can help for that, that's not a bad idea
20:04:15 <diegoe> action-me it
20:04:38 <andreasn> ok, I'll take an action item to create some rough layouts of the report with junk text
20:05:31 <andreasn> #action andreasn to create layout proposal for the report
20:05:31 <diegoe> one last thing is that overall the vision I would like everyone to share is to produce something "that doesn't look made by hackers" (tongue in cheek)
20:05:40 <andreasn> diegoe, always man
20:06:05 <andreasn> #action diegoe to create an outline of the report and a list of needed images
20:06:05 <diegoe> :-)
20:06:22 <diegoe> so action works if you are not a chair?
20:06:32 <fabiana> andreasn is chair, diegoe
20:06:33 <diegoe> #action find out if #action works if you are not a chair
20:06:39 <fabiana> sri promoted him
20:06:40 <diegoe> oh i missed that
20:06:53 <fabiana> I tried checking the meetbot manual, but they don't say anthing about it
20:06:59 <fabiana> I guess we'll have to wait and see :)
20:07:00 <andreasn> like the time bedhad wanted a conference t-shirt that he could pick up ladies in bar with or whatever it was
20:07:08 <fabiana> haha
20:07:20 <andreasn> I don't know, that's what he asked for
20:07:30 <diegoe> andreasn: I think you once said that you wanted one that people would let you leave your house with
20:07:35 <sri> btw, the manual said when something was 'chair only'
20:07:41 <sri> we should assume that anybody can do action items and info
20:07:47 <andreasn> yeah, I guess it's a good lower barrier
20:07:51 <sri> making the chair do all that work is just silly
20:08:12 <diegoe> sri: probably because big meetings can be messy
20:08:16 <fabiana> #action confirm that "action" works when added by someone else other than the chair
20:08:28 <diegoe> #action what fabiana said
20:08:29 <sri> haha
20:08:36 <sri> you people are evil
20:08:53 <sri> I gotta head out, andreasn I assume you know how to end the meeting.
20:09:00 <sri> oh yeah, there is one more topic
20:09:08 <sri> the release notes
20:09:16 <sri> and also bastianilso has been wrokign on videos and we need to get an udpate on that.
20:09:32 <andreasn> sure
20:09:34 <sri> he's put the finishing touches I think of the generic GNOME one.
20:09:43 <sri> he should show us what he's come up with :D
20:09:54 <andreasn> what's left in the agenda?
20:09:57 <sri> okay, thanks, see you guys later, I'll read the minutes when I get back.
20:10:00 <sri> andreasn: release notes
20:10:20 <andreasn> #topic release notes
20:10:29 <sri> from aday:
20:10:29 <sri> The wiki page for the 3.12 release notes [1] is filling up nicely, but
20:10:30 <sri> there are still some notable absences. Please add any user or
20:10:30 <sri> developer changes that you know about!
20:10:45 <sri> #link https://wiki.gnome.org/ThreePointEleven/ReleaseNotes
20:11:14 <bastianilso> wait, it wasnt on thursday?
20:11:16 <sri> we should really ask about how we are going to promote the release.
20:11:22 * bastianilso reads up
20:11:35 <sri> bastianilso: we moved the meeting to today so that andreas and fabiana can attend
20:12:00 <sri> be back in an hour
20:12:00 <diegoe> sri: we can meet tomorrow anyway. there will be people coming I'm pretty sure
20:12:17 <bastianilso> ah right
20:12:52 <bastianilso> yea I can provide an update on the video
20:12:54 <andreasn> the release notes don't mention anything about wayland at all
20:13:04 <andreasn> so it's one big video?
20:13:28 <bastianilso> andreasn: the idea was to have one main video taking up the key features of the release, and then have two ohers diving into specifics if possible
20:14:00 <andreasn> nice
20:14:02 <diegoe> cool. how long are those?
20:14:04 <bastianilso> I noticed the lack of wayland news as well, I did find some status updates from mathias though so perhaps we want to get them in the release notes?
20:14:38 <bastianilso> diegoe: I am not quite sure yet, but I have a draft of the manuscript written out for the voice-over, so I might be able to try it out and see if the length is fitting
20:15:09 <diegoe> bastianilso: if you are doing the VO separate, we could coordinate some translations, at least a few languages
20:15:24 <diegoe> don't know if that's planned
20:15:29 <andreasn> will the video be part of the release notes document itself?
20:15:52 <bastianilso> andreasn: we talked about either releasing it alongside 3.12 or coordinating it as a teaser for the upcoming release
20:16:01 <bastianilso> perhaps released a week before
20:16:05 <bastianilso> still not sure
20:16:29 <andreasn> all right
20:16:47 <diegoe> if it goes before it's gonna spoil the release notes
20:17:10 <diegoe> well, it might. it might also give us two weeks of coverage
20:17:18 <andreasn> I think the latter
20:17:20 <bastianilso> as mentioned earlier, it won't go into specifics as the release notes does
20:17:33 <andreasn> the release notes will hit a bunch of news sites on release day regardless
20:17:41 <fabiana> diegoe: it won't spoil anything that isn't in the wiki already :)
20:18:15 <andreasn> "Plans for GNOME 3.14" seems all empty for the moment
20:18:24 <diegoe> healthy! :P
20:18:37 <andreasn> at least the things that got punted this release might need to go in there
20:19:03 <diegoe> so here's an idea. what if we ask oliverp to start with his interviews idea for the upcoming release
20:19:25 <diegoe> he could try with two or three short ones with developers who had lots of work this cycle
20:19:48 <fabiana> when is the release due to?
20:19:56 <andreasn> sure, sounds nice. An update from, say, Jasper on Wayland would be nice for example
20:20:05 <fabiana> we need to make sure we have time to also edit the interviews
20:20:30 <diegoe> 26th
20:21:47 <fabiana> diegoe: do you it's feasible to plan, conduct and edit the interviews until then?
20:21:53 <fabiana> *think
20:22:32 <diegoe> fabiana: two at most
20:24:10 <diegoe> it's doable I think. I can mail oliver and see if he likes the idea
20:24:17 <fabiana> nice, then that'd be awesome
20:24:28 <diegoe> if we agree on a schedule we can mail the list and let everyone comment
20:24:41 <fabiana> sounds great
20:24:48 <fabiana> andreasn: action that puppy
20:24:50 <diegoe> andreasn: action me, mr president
20:25:22 <andreasn> #action diegoe to reach out to oliverp and plan interviews to publish before the release
20:25:44 <diegoe> do we have an action for the release notes though?
20:26:05 <bastianilso> I think I have the outline of the video ready now (might want to wait till next #topic tho)
20:26:24 <andreasn> I don't think so, no. I can take one and go over the wiki page
20:26:46 <andreasn> it's aday's puppy for now I guess :)
20:27:08 <diegoe> yeah, not much to do except try and get more items from hackers
20:27:14 <diegoe> still early to start writing I guess?
20:27:49 <andreasn> I think aday created a git branch already
20:28:25 <andreasn> yep https://git.gnome.org/browse/release-notes/log/?h=gnome-3-12
20:29:41 <diegoe> then it's action for andreasn
20:30:44 <fabiana> andreasn is grabbing our dinner with the delivery dude, he'll brb
20:31:37 <andreasn> #action andreasn to go over the wiki page and add things that are missing
20:32:12 <andreasn> so I need to run about now, we need to have dinner before fabiana's next meeting in 30 mins
20:32:30 <andreasn> should I end the meeting?
20:32:50 <diegoe> go ahead
20:32:54 <bastianilso> I can just add the thing about the video maybe
20:33:12 <andreasn> sure
20:33:13 <bastianilso> http://piratepad.net/rv0U6E4h3Y this is the outline I have so far as well as the current script (still draft stage)
20:33:13 <diegoe> ah, damn. right. sorry :)
20:33:47 <andreasn> I'll take a look in a bit
20:33:50 <bastianilso> I am trying to cover the most visible new features and make bridge between them for the VO. If there is something important I am missing, feel free to add it and I'll try to integrate it
20:34:05 <andreasn> sure
20:34:18 <andreasn> anything else regarding that?
20:34:23 <bastianilso> I'll base the video on the VO once it has been recorded
20:34:26 <andreasn> (or can I run?)
20:34:32 <bastianilso> no, feel free to run :)
20:34:34 <diegoe> I can help bastianilso with the text
20:34:36 <andreasn> thanks!
20:34:42 <andreasn> thanks everyone!
20:34:46 <andreasn> #endmeeting