19:14:56 <sri> #startmeeting
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19:15:21 <sri> #topic publicity plan for GNOME.Asia sumit 2014
19:15:45 <oliverp> We agreed on the last meeting to work on a Publicity Plan for
19:15:45 <oliverp> the Asia summit.
19:15:55 <oliverp> I have begun that work, by writing some drafts, reviewers  are welcome.
19:16:04 <oliverp> https://wiki.gnome.org/GnomeAsia/2014Summit/PublicityPlan
19:16:23 <oliverp> Are collaborating in this process with the local team
19:17:12 <oliverp> if there is no questions we can move to next item
19:17:58 <sri> I was going through it, looks good.  I see you have skeletons of hte interview uestions and who you are interviewing
19:18:00 <sri> so pretty nice.
19:18:09 <oliverp> thanks :)
19:18:27 <sri> what is the precise method you want to promote GNOME.Asia?
19:18:39 <sri> is this during the Summit?  what about prior to do that?
19:18:51 <oliverp> mostly during the Summit
19:19:14 <sri> ok
19:19:17 <oliverp> but maybe something before, will ask what the local team thinks
19:19:38 <sri> ok, sounds good.. I don't have any more questions on this topic
19:20:01 <oliverp> cool,
19:20:25 <oliverp> are we ready to move on?
19:20:40 <sri> yep
19:20:50 <sri> #topic  How we can improve our fundraising efforts
19:20:58 <oliverp> Discussions about this are taking place at the list. Many great points are being discussed
19:21:22 <oliverp> I'm are writing down important points on the Wiki
19:21:41 <oliverp> https://wiki.gnome.org/Engagement/FriendsOfGNOME/HowWeCanImprove
19:22:27 <oliverp> questions?
19:23:20 <alxgrtnstrngl> What specific fund-raising opportunities do you have in play at the moment?
19:23:45 <oliverp> http://www.gnome.org/friends/
19:24:07 <oliverp> As Allan Day are missing from this meeting we might want to save this item for next meeting
19:24:35 <sri> yeah, I think it might be better if we did that.
19:24:44 <oliverp> cool, then we can move on
19:24:47 <sri> I need to think a little about our promotion on this as well.
19:24:47 <alxgrtnstrngl> Okay, makes sense
19:25:02 <sri> #topic Annual Report updates
19:25:12 <oliverp> Brett, Tobi and Andreas Nilsson have provided drafts of theirs articles, thanks!
19:25:29 <oliverp> Outstanding articles at this point include:
19:25:36 <oliverp> Hackfests - by Sri
19:25:42 <oliverp> GNOME Foundation finances 2013 by EkaterinaGerasimova
19:25:47 <oliverp> GUADEC Brno by FabianaSimoes
19:26:01 <oliverp> and letter from Karen
19:26:14 <karen> oh sorry, I got a call
19:26:29 <karen> but am back now
19:26:34 <oliverp> cool
19:27:12 <oliverp> we are discussing  the annual report
19:27:17 <karen> do you still want me to write the letter?
19:27:27 <oliverp> yes I think that might be good
19:27:36 <karen> sri, what do you think?
19:28:24 <sri> yes, you could think of your final goodbye or something
19:28:27 <sri> reflections and the like
19:28:43 <sri> after all, you were still ED in 2013 :)
19:29:12 <oliverp> sri: any progress with your article?
19:29:32 <sri> oliverp: unfortunatley, No I had planned on doing it last weekend, but life got in the way
19:29:44 <sri> it is about 2-3 hours of work
19:29:57 <sri> I went thorugh the hackfests, but some I'm not sure if they actualyl happened or not. :)
19:30:10 <sri> meaing there are no links to blogs or any such thing.
19:30:34 <oliverp> sri: I see, do you think we should skip that article?
19:31:14 <sri> no, we need to write about what was hacked on, let me see if I can come up wtih an overall theme
19:31:23 <karen> heh ok
19:31:31 <oliverp> cool, so its on your to-do list
19:31:40 <oliverp> great to know
19:31:52 <oliverp> I note it down
19:31:56 <sri> let's set a deadline though
19:32:01 <karen> I usually wait until I can read all of the articles first
19:32:07 <sri> makes sense.
19:32:08 <karen> cause then I tie in themes to the letter :)
19:32:11 <oliverp> karen: right
19:32:22 <oliverp> <sri: end of next week?
19:32:36 <oliverp> 10 may final deadline?
19:32:42 <sri> oliverp: oaky, that's fair
19:32:55 <oliverp> great: note it down
19:33:20 <oliverp> It would also be great if more pepole would
19:33:20 <oliverp> want to step and review/edit articles that have been uploaded so we can make them into
19:33:20 <oliverp> a publish ready state.
19:34:17 <karen> I'll be reading them all when I write my letter oliverp
19:34:23 <karen> so I'll probably proof them at that time too
19:34:34 <oliverp> karen:great, thanks :)
19:34:41 <karen> just one more person :D
19:35:08 <oliverp> have one sad thing to report
19:35:19 <oliverp> Diego have stated that due to personal reasons he wants to take a step back
19:35:19 <oliverp> from the role as coordinator.
19:35:41 <oliverp> anyone here who are interested in taking over that role?
19:35:59 <oliverp> can post info about this to list and ask
19:36:33 <oliverp> I no one volunteers I can consider doing it
19:36:43 <sri> that's too bad, but a good thing as well.  looks like school is really busy for him
19:36:51 <oliverp> sri:yes
19:36:56 <sri> I'm leery of volunteering anymore work at the moment
19:37:05 <oliverp> sri:understand
19:37:16 <alxgrtnstrngl> Sri, it's probably finals and such, college...
19:37:24 <sri> yeah
19:37:36 <oliverp> :As stated if no one else does I can consider it
19:37:55 <sri> it would be cool.. but it might be an opportunity for someone new to step in
19:38:11 <alxgrtnstrngl> It's going to have to be somebody who is already well into the process...
19:38:14 <oliverp> thats why I want to ask the list
19:38:44 <oliverp> i guess we can agree on that?
19:40:09 <oliverp> ?
19:42:15 <karen> I am so overwhelmed with the new job too
19:42:22 <karen> so I can't step up either
19:42:33 <karen> you should totally ask on the list oliverp :)
19:42:59 <sri> or recruit!
19:43:12 <oliverp> great
19:43:32 <oliverp> Well if no one have something else to add I think we are done,
19:43:49 <oliverp> thanks for another great meeting, hope you see next time :)
19:44:04 <alxgrtnstrngl> okay, sorry to not volunteer I'm just in the crunch at the moment
19:44:24 <oliverp> <alxgrtnstrngl: Ok
19:44:35 <sri> great :)
19:44:37 <oliverp> alxgrtnstrngl: No problem
19:44:53 <sri> I hope next time we can dot eh VOIP thing
19:44:56 <sri> #endmeeting