16:03:21 <aday> #startmeeting
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16:03:39 <aday> let's make this quick - we're all busy preparing for guadec
16:04:00 <aday> #topic action items from last meeting
16:04:22 <aday> #info minutes from last meeting - https://wiki.gnome.org/Engagement/TeamMeetings/9-JULY-2014
16:04:59 <aday> #info oliver followed up about upcoming conferences
16:05:36 <aday> #info we told the gnome.asia team about the plan for their press release
16:05:53 <aday> #info annual report is done! \o/
16:06:03 <muelli> aye. very great work.
16:06:15 <aday> #info Deindre has been working on keynote interviews. we have two ready to publish
16:06:16 <muelli> We will have a blog post for that, right?
16:06:25 <aday> muelli, yep, it's ready to go
16:06:30 <muelli> oh, first the past action item. sorry. go ahead.
16:06:40 <afranke> muelli, I still have printed anything and it's too late for today.
16:06:47 <muelli> :D
16:06:50 <afranke> I'll go tomorrow in the morning.
16:07:07 <aday> #info only outstanding action item is to create a guadec marketing plan
16:07:10 <oliverp> hi
16:07:14 <oliverp> sorry for being late
16:07:18 <aday> which brings us on to the next topic
16:07:25 <aday> #topic guadec marketing plan
16:07:44 <aday> this is the main reason i wanted to have the meeting
16:07:52 <oliverp> ok
16:08:07 <aday> does anyone have ideas?
16:08:30 <oliverp> aday: you had some right?
16:08:47 <aday> a few, oliverp
16:09:03 <bastianilso> aday: there was some talk about having t-shirts we could sell
16:09:09 <muelli> a news item every day would be nice. Most of that can probably be prepared already. Like a summary of the previous day, what to expect from the coming day.
16:09:25 <bastianilso> probably too late to get them manufactured though (not sure)
16:09:30 <aday> muelli, yeah, we did that last year. one problem i found is that we ended up with very long posts
16:09:46 <muelli> then better make it two or three ;-)
16:09:59 <hashem> video recordings of talks are always interesting to people, so we should publicize where/when they'll be available
16:10:04 <aday> muelli, all a bit dry... http://www.gnome.org/news/2013/08/guadec-2013-day-1/
16:10:13 <oliverp> aday: thought it was okay with detailed posts
16:10:23 <muelli> the Spanish GUADEC did a great job at that IIRC.
16:11:09 <aday> like this is a big wall of text - http://www.gnome.org/news/2013/08/guadec-2013-day-3/
16:11:35 <bastianilso> perhaps turn the long posts into pictures with descriptions, to describe the days?
16:11:51 <oliverp> aday: I guess we have to do a better job with editing
16:11:57 <aday> one thing we could do is break it down into sections a bit more
16:12:04 <hashem> also instead of longer posts, more frequent tweets (or something) might be more engaging
16:12:05 <oliverp> aday:+1
16:12:13 <aday> and focus on some talks rather than every one
16:12:23 <oliverp> aday: also a good idea
16:12:40 <afranke> Should I give credentials for the @guadec account to someone here?
16:12:45 <aday> hashem, yeah i'm honestly not sure how effective long posts are
16:13:01 <oliverp> maybe its a good to think right now about that talk to foucs on
16:13:22 <oliverp> *to think about what talk(s)
16:13:31 <bastianilso> afranke: sounds like a good idea
16:13:35 <hashem> afranke, if anyone has the @gnome account that might be better for some things
16:13:38 <aday> one thing that did work last year were gathering photos
16:13:48 <aday> i remember that the photo gallery post got a lot of hits compared to the others - http://www.gnome.org/news/2013/08/guadec-day-1-gallery/
16:13:49 <hashem> @gnome has 55k followers on twitter, compared to @guadec's 400
16:14:30 <oliverp> aday: will anyone from the engagement team take pictures with a nice camera?
16:15:24 <aday> hashem, yeah we need to agree who is going to be the twitter boss
16:15:25 <aday> what about focusing on a) photo slideshows with captions and b) a small number of articles about key speakers/talks?
16:15:32 <afranke> hashem, the issue is that I'm the only with access currently and as can guess I'll be quite busy.
16:15:32 <oliverp> I would be glad to help improve them in gimp (something that is often needed).
16:15:45 <aday> oliverp, there are enough photography geeks there! i can handle that
16:15:54 <oliverp> aday:great
16:16:14 <aday> afranke, one thing we should do is prominently advertise the guadec hashtag
16:16:19 <aday> has that been decided on?
16:16:29 <hashem> also, for the website what if we put a colorful banner at the top of http://www.gnome.org saying "GUADEC is soon/now!"
16:16:37 <aday> #guadec, i guess...?
16:17:40 <bastianilso> yea, probably also advertie the GUADEC twitter account with the @gnome account?
16:17:53 <aday> hashem, we should certainly have a news post announcing the start of the conference
16:18:17 <aday> #action ensure that the #guadec hashtag is prominently advertised in the conference rooms
16:18:17 <oliverp> aday: speaking of twitter, would like have access to main GNOME twitter account  in the future, would be very careful ask here before positing anything, but it would be nice not having to nag on you with certain things.
16:18:46 <aday> #action someone needs to prepare a news article announcing the start of the conference
16:19:14 <aday> oliverp, let's talk about that later...
16:19:23 <oliverp> aday: ok
16:19:32 <aday> does anyone have an idea for who should take charge of the @gnome account during the conference?
16:19:49 <aday> i could do it, but i'm not the best at keeping the momentum going
16:20:19 <aday> maybe i should ask in #gnome-hackers...
16:20:34 <aday> ebassi is good at that stuff
16:20:37 <aday> so is hbons
16:20:48 <oliverp> aday: great
16:22:10 <aday> what do you think, andreasn ?
16:22:23 <andreasn> hi, sorry, was in another meeting
16:22:37 <andreasn> I guess I could take it on
16:22:57 <oliverp> aday:what about post-GUADEC engagement?
16:23:27 <aday> andreasn, if you're happy to...
16:23:33 <andreasn> sure
16:23:39 <aday> andreasn, wasn't actually meaning to volunteer you :)
16:23:59 <andreasn> well, if we find someone else that wants to do it, sure, but if not, I'm happy to
16:24:08 <oliverp> and hackfest & BOF coverage, do we have any plans for that?
16:24:14 <aday> andreasn, yeah. i'll ask around and we can work it out
16:24:30 <aday> #agreed aday to ask who wants to help with the @gnome twitter account. andreasn can help here
16:24:38 <muelli> FWIW: I'd appreciate someone volunteering for making sure an article for the annual report exists very soon after GUADEC  ;-)
16:24:52 <aday> muelli, oliverp has already written one
16:24:54 <oliverp> muelli: its already does
16:24:57 <oliverp> :)
16:25:38 <oliverp> sorry for interrupting the last agenda item
16:25:52 <muelli> \o/
16:25:57 <aday> i like the gallery and talk/speaker articles idea, i have to say (rather than doing long daily digests)
16:26:07 <aday> does that sound ok to everyone else?
16:26:59 <oliverp> sounds ok to me, but do we know who will write them?
16:27:19 <bastianilso> sounds good
16:27:54 <aday> oliverp, indeed!
16:28:23 <aday> #agreed we will create daily photo galleries with captions
16:28:32 <aday> #action aday to coordinate with photographers during the conference
16:28:55 <aday> #agreed we should also produce news posts on specific speakers/talks - but we need to find authors for this
16:29:41 <aday> does anyone want to volunteer to write a short news article? i'm happy to do one or two
16:30:12 <aday> each one would be a photo with a summary of the talk and possibly an interview question or two with the speaker
16:30:43 <aday> maybe i'll have to bully people during the conference :)
16:30:55 <perihelion> I might consider it but I'm not going to the conference. Is that going to be an issue?
16:30:59 <hashem> aday, or send a message to the mailing list
16:31:21 <aday> perihelion, it probably will be, unfortunately. thanks for the offer though
16:31:26 <aday> hashem, yeah
16:31:42 <aday> #action aday to bully volunteers into writing articles. he'll also send a mail to the guadec list
16:31:49 <aday> "volunteers"
16:31:59 <hashem> hehe :)
16:32:27 <aday> oliverp, post-guadec is a good point. any ideas there?
16:32:39 <fabiana-away> aday: JSYK, I just got replies from afranke and shivani and I'll try their interviews posted during the next two days
16:33:01 <fabiana-away> hopefully shivani's today, to see if that gets more people to volunteer
16:33:06 <aday> fabiana-away, oh nice. we should coordinate to make sure we don't post everything at once
16:33:17 <oliverp> aday: hm not much, maybe a general post about the conference
16:33:21 <aday> fabiana-away, also, can you get pictures?
16:33:21 <oliverp> like a summery
16:33:42 <aday> oliverp, last year i did this - http://www.gnome.org/news/2013/08/guadec-2013-its-been-a-blast/
16:33:48 <aday> it's a bit short, but it went down well
16:33:53 <fabiana-away> I got a picture from shivani, and afranke said he's taking one today to send me
16:33:57 <oliverp> aday: it was greart
16:34:01 <oliverp> *great
16:34:25 <aday> #agreed someone needs to write an article for the end of the conference. it should summarise what has happened
16:35:09 <fabiana-away> aday: do we have a schedule of posts anywhere? so we don't overlap?
16:35:51 <aday> that sounds like enough to be getting on with to me
16:35:51 <aday> unless anyone else has ideas
16:36:23 <aday> fabiana-away, i have two keynote speaker interviews ready to go - one for today and one for tomorrow. still waiting on the third
16:37:15 <oliverp> I want to talk about the annual report
16:37:19 <aday> #info if anyone has other ideas about guadec marketing, they should email the list
16:37:36 <aday> ok, let's move on and try to wrap things up soon
16:37:50 <aday> oliverp, what is there to discuss about the annual report?
16:37:58 <oliverp> 1 sec
16:38:52 <fabiana-away> aday: maybe we should post keynote - shivani - keynote - alexandre? one each day between today and the 26th?
16:39:11 <oliverp> if I understand things correctly the annual report are more less done now ready to be published, so the questions is when do we publish it?
16:39:12 <fabiana-away> then the other keynote after alexandre
16:39:19 <oliverp> before or after GUADEC?
16:39:52 <aday> oliverp, maybe after? it can be a follow up - "here's one of the things we did at guadec"
16:40:02 <aday> otherwise it could get a bit lost in the noise
16:40:17 <andreasn> oliverp: the web version you mean?
16:40:43 <andreasn> the report is indeed more or less ready, but it's getting printed today
16:40:45 <oliverp> andreasn: like the official announcement on gnome.org
16:40:47 <aday> fabiana-away, yeah, that could work. or we could do keynote + organiser on the same day?
16:41:20 <andreasn> it's not the most time critical piece of news, so it would be unfortunate if it got buried among a bunch of GUADEC news
16:41:31 <andreasn> so maybe a week after guadec?
16:41:44 <aday> andreasn, yeah, in the following week some time
16:42:12 <oliverp> I thought it could be a way of building up the excitement for GUADEC, but sure if people things otherwise I'm ok with that  .
16:42:29 <andreasn> so, I want to give it to the advisory board first
16:42:30 <fabiana-away> aday: so keynote + volunteer + keynote + (organizer + keynote) on 23 +24 + 25 + 26 respectively? did I get it right?
16:42:48 <aday> fabiana-away, i don't understand your maths! :)
16:42:56 <andreasn> on the 30th
16:43:01 <oliverp> maybe we can mention it somehow it was published/announced that GUADEC
16:43:05 <andreasn> and then to hand it out to participants
16:43:24 <aday> fabiana-away, 1 keynote today, 1 keynote and one organiser tomorrow, 1 keynote and one organiser the day after
16:43:24 <oliverp> can we agree on a date?
16:43:36 <andreasn> so only after August 1st would be good to publish it I would say
16:43:54 <oliverp> August 4?
16:43:55 <fabiana-away> aday: aha, now I see what you mean
16:43:58 <andreasn> or do you mean that someone would decide to come to guadec on August 1st because they read about the annual report?
16:43:58 <fabiana-away> sounds good to me!
16:44:22 <fabiana-away> let's just make sure one post goes out early UTC, and the other late UTC
16:44:24 <aday> oliverp, andreasn, so maybe the 5th or 6th of august
16:44:29 <andreasn> sure
16:44:30 <aday> fabiana-away, right
16:44:35 <oliverp> aday: ok
16:44:45 <andreasn> I'm travelling on the 5th, so someone who is not me would need to publish it
16:45:03 <oliverp> the 5th sounds good to me.
16:45:24 <aday> #agreed we'll publish the annual report online after the noise from guadec has calmed down, and the ad board have got it - maybe on august 5th
16:45:43 <aday> ok, let's set a date for the next meeting and call it a day :)
16:46:00 <oliverp> two weeks from now?
16:46:25 <oliverp> the day after we publish the annual report
16:46:27 <aday> i was going to suggest wednesday 13th august. that gives us a week to recover from guadec
16:46:35 <oliverp> aday: ok sure
16:46:49 * aday is forgetting his meetbot duties
16:46:51 <aday> #topic next meeting
16:47:05 <aday> #agreed next meeting will be august 13th
16:47:10 <aday> #endmeeting