16:09:33 <aday> #startmeeting
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16:09:52 <bastianilso> https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/engagement-team-meetings for reference
16:10:02 <aday> thanks bastianilso
16:10:27 <sri> works on my mac
16:11:17 <sri> oaky, let's begin, first topic
16:11:19 <aday> #topic previous action items
16:11:25 <aday> #info all done!
16:11:29 <aday> next topic :)
16:11:39 <aday> #topic upcoming events
16:11:42 <sri> haha
16:11:46 <bastianilso> \o/
16:11:47 <oliverp> :)
16:11:51 <sri> okay, upcomign events..
16:11:55 <aday> anybody got anything on their radar?
16:11:57 <sri> debconf is next week
16:12:09 <sri> ryan lortie, myself, and oliverp will be there.
16:12:19 <sri> I will be giving t-shirts to the gnome debian team
16:12:30 <sri> I plan to be flamed for systemd and gnome in general while attending
16:12:34 <oliverp> sri: cool, I hope I can get a t-shirt
16:12:37 <aday> #info debconf is next week. ryan, sri and oliverp are going
16:12:51 <aday> sri, make sure you take your flame suit
16:13:01 <sri> I will try not to wear my troll t-shirt while going :)
16:13:10 <aday> good idea
16:13:14 * bastianilso 's university is starting september the 1st with new students, might be some opportunity to do some local advertisement at the introduction
16:13:14 <sri> awww, who is going to <gestures at himself> flame this? I ask you?
16:13:35 <aday> sri, is there anything else we need to do to prepare?
16:13:46 <oliverp> one thing I want to mention
16:13:48 <sri> I will speak in a vwerry vwerry quiet voice.. shshhhhhh
16:13:57 <sri> we probably want to get a faq
16:14:11 <sri> systemd + gnome will be one
16:14:21 <bastianilso> sri: do you have a smartphone? do you want me to upload a phone-friendly version of the 3.12 video?
16:14:27 <sri> like to talk about positive things about the project
16:14:28 <oliverp> here is a great post about why Debian should stick with GNOME as default DE http://oskuro.net/blog/freesoftware/gnome-as-default-jessie-desktop-2014-08-07-23-58
16:14:35 <sri> bastianilso: woot, that would be cool.
16:14:42 <sri> oliverp: yeah, saw that, it was on reddit.
16:14:53 <aday> sri, like prepared talking points?
16:15:11 <sri> aday: just some general talking points
16:15:17 <aday> #idea phone friendly 3.12 video for sri
16:15:28 <sri> I have some themes I usually talk about e.g. innovation, etc
16:15:29 <aday> #idea prepare talking points for debconf
16:15:33 <oliverp> sri: I guess it will be a opportunity to do a lighting talk
16:15:39 <bastianilso> i can of course share it with anyone going to debconf on behalf of engagement ofc :)
16:16:27 <aday> sri, jordi's post was excellent... his points seemed well-tuned to the debian community's concerns
16:16:27 <oliverp> sri: what dates are attend?
16:16:40 <oliverp> *are you planning to attend
16:16:52 <aday> sri, also, i would talk up our privacy plans in a big way
16:17:03 <sri> privacy plan, safety/security, a11y
16:17:11 <sri> accessibilyt is going to be our biggest argument.
16:17:19 <aday> #idea talking points - privacy, security, a11y
16:17:25 <sri> aday: do we have some canned talking points that I can talk about regarding privacy?
16:17:32 <sri> what about application sandboxing?  that's a pretty exciting feature
16:17:45 <sri> aday: +1 on jordi's reponse
16:17:51 <aday> sri, the other points in jordi's post are good too - hardware support, localisation, etc
16:17:55 <sri> I would like to take hte debian gnome team out for beers or something.
16:18:02 <aday> they all talk to the idea of the universal os
16:18:03 <sri> aday: yep
16:18:05 <oliverp> sri: cool
16:18:18 <oliverp> but I don't like beer
16:18:45 <sri> srschroe_: have you seen our gnome 3.12 video?
16:18:52 <srschroe_> have not
16:18:56 <aday> sri, work is gearing up for sandboxing. i can send you some notes if you want
16:19:00 <sri> oliverp: I'm sure there will be other things you can imbibe
16:19:03 * bastianilso finds a link
16:19:07 <srschroe_> <puts on list>
16:19:11 <oliverp> sri: great
16:19:12 <sri> aday: that wouuld be good.. you can probably just put it on our shared folder
16:19:30 <bastianilso> srschroe_: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n77cwRJUrLg
16:19:36 <aday> #idea other talking points - hardware support, localisation
16:19:42 <srschroe_> danke
16:19:45 <oliverp> here is the event page btw  https://wiki.gnome.org/Events/DebConf14
16:19:51 <sri> oliverp: sweet
16:19:53 <aday> #action aday to add notes on app sandboxing to the engagement team folder
16:19:57 <bastianilso> sri: I will also suggest talking about how GNOME can work with downstream more
16:20:07 <sri> srschroe_: bastianilso did the work and design, and karen did the voiceover
16:20:24 <sri> bastianilso: with distros or projects?
16:20:26 <srschroe_> I recognize the voice!
16:20:38 <sri> srschroe_: it was really well received.
16:20:48 <bastianilso> sri: yes, specificially with debian. but also generally how we as project want to engage more with downstream
16:20:58 <sri> humm...
16:21:07 <bastianilso> sri: i talked with the guy from OpenSUSE about this and he seemed quite enthusiastic and pointed me to a guy i should talk to
16:21:12 <sri> need to think about how to do that kind of engagement.
16:21:22 <oliverp> sri: how did you found out that ryan are going to attend debconf?
16:21:41 <sri> perhaps we coudl find volunteers and put them in a mailing list that we can talk to them enmasse or one on one engagement?
16:21:42 <bastianilso> (the guy at GUADEC, representing OpenSUSE)
16:21:46 <sri> like we do with our advisory board?
16:21:52 <sri> oliverp: ryan told me
16:22:06 <sri> oliverp: I apaprently on the hook on showing him portland :D
16:22:12 <aday> #idea talk about how gnome can engage with downstream more
16:22:13 <sri> I suppose I should take the two of you or something..
16:22:19 <oliverp> sri: the event page list GNOME dinner as a potential social event, feel free to add some nice places here
16:22:27 <oliverp> *there
16:22:28 <sri> oliverp: +1
16:22:38 <aday> #idea hold a gnome social event during debconf
16:22:46 <muelli> hey hey
16:22:50 <sri> hiya muelli !
16:23:03 <aday> awe, we lost bastian
16:23:20 <aday> should we move on? there's a fair amount on the agenda
16:23:27 <oliverp> aday:sure
16:23:30 <sri> oh man, now talky.io works. sigh.
16:23:42 <muelli> oh, are we using that?
16:23:52 <muelli> (sorry for being late to the partt)
16:23:53 <aday> #topic 3.14 release marketing
16:23:53 <sri> no, I was messing around with it.
16:23:53 <muelli> party
16:24:02 <aday> yep, it's that time already!
16:24:03 <sri> I hate giving up onfs tuff like this :)
16:24:10 <sri> oh yeah, release marketing..
16:24:17 <sri> wait, did we have anyother upcomign events to talk about?
16:24:37 <muelli> yes yes
16:24:39 <aday> #info 3.14 release schedule - https://wiki.gnome.org/ThreePointThirteen/
16:24:51 <aday> oh sorry sri, i thought we'd covered that
16:24:52 <muelli> I will be at LibreOffice conference and I was accepted at LinuxCon
16:25:03 <oliverp> muelli: congrats
16:25:04 * bastianilso had trouble with polari
16:25:07 <sri> aday: muelli is doing some stuff, and karen has a GNOME talk accepted at linuxcon europe
16:25:08 <bastianilso> sorry
16:25:09 <muelli> the former will have only a 30 minutes slot :-/
16:25:15 * aday 's meetbot minutes are ruined
16:25:21 <muelli> (sorry :-( )
16:25:28 <sri> aday: can you change topics back to the old one?
16:25:37 <aday> arggghhh, i don't knnnnowoww
16:25:39 <bastianilso> muelli: nice!
16:25:52 <sri> aday: hah, it's okay.
16:26:00 <aday> DISASTER
16:26:16 <muelli> So if anybody has input reg. topics or content for a talk, let me know. The LibreOffice one could be interesting for us, more on an abstract level.
16:26:17 <aday> #topic other events!
16:26:22 * sri pets aday like a cat.. "it's okay.. OKAY.."
16:26:35 <bastianilso> hahahaha
16:26:37 <sri> muelli: that sounds good
16:26:43 <aday> #info tobi is going to libreoffice con and linuxcon
16:26:43 <muelli> It will probably be full with the consultancies porting to LibreOffice.
16:26:57 <bastianilso> muelli: How about GTK 3+ and libreoffice, could that be a topic?
16:27:01 <muelli> it might be good to plant the idea that GNOME is a nice Desktop to port to, too ;-)
16:27:04 <aday> #info libreoffice con be full with the consultancies porting to LibreOffice.
16:27:19 <sri> muelli: do you remember waht mmeeks said about that?
16:27:33 <muelli> yes: nothing. I didn' t talk with him about that.
16:27:44 <sri> okay
16:27:49 <aday> muelli, fleet commander could be interesting there
16:28:13 <sri> 'fleet commander'?
16:28:13 <muelli> ah. that new thing.
16:28:37 <muelli> I was asked to present smth related to documents... So if there is some content anywhere, feel free to pass it on to me.
16:29:05 <muelli> oh, besides, if there is anyone living more close by, it might be smarter for that person to go to Bern, Switzerland. Same for LinuxCon in Duesseldorf, Germany.
16:29:35 <aday> muelli, could talk about goa and online storage integration?
16:29:48 <aday> "gnome, your link to the documenty cloud"
16:29:56 <muelli> oh, do we have a compelling story to tell?
16:30:12 <aday> well, we have online accounts...
16:30:35 <sri> muelli: we could send hadess, unfortunately, I was not able to get linux foundation to give us a waiver for a late talk
16:30:37 <aday> and Documents is like a hub for all your docs in the cloud
16:30:52 <sri> muelli: also, they have accepted two gnoem related talks this time.. which is pretty awesome
16:32:45 <sri> I'm going to a start up happy hour today
16:32:49 <aday> #info tobi is looking for suggestions for things to talk about
16:33:04 <sri> and there is northwest techfest this week as well.. some kind of tech pubcrawl with startups
16:33:16 <sri> I will be talking about GNOME the desktop and GNOME the stack, GTK+ etc
16:33:19 <bastianilso> muelli: are you open to any ideas / are you collecting them ?
16:33:23 <sri> I drink in GNOME's name :)
16:33:57 <aday> sri, you're an example to us all
16:34:18 <muelli> I am. I mean, I have my usual GNOME program. that's fine, I think. But I want to give the opportunity to talk about other things that you think are important. Or more importatnt
16:34:48 <aday> muelli, i was going to suggest that you talk about productivity features
16:35:36 <muelli> sounds cool!
16:35:40 <aday> like wacom support, goa (again), color management, search, do not distract, etc
16:37:34 <aday> oh and hi-dpi support, possibly
16:37:53 <aday> (although maybe libreoffice sucks at that, so maybe don't mention it :) )
16:38:03 <muelli> hehe. that's in the big list of features I'm having in the standard presentation :-)
16:38:18 <aday> muelli, might just be a matter of interpretation then
16:38:40 <bastianilso> would it be relevant to talk positively about GTK 3 given that certain lwn article's existence?
16:38:42 <muelli> #info The "general presentation" is linked here: https://wiki.gnome.org/Engagement/Presentations
16:38:55 <bastianilso> i mean, libreoffice has a branch where they are making progress porting over til gtk3
16:39:39 <aday> that's a good point, bastianilso
16:39:54 <aday> putting an emphasis on the improving developer story would help here
16:40:37 <aday> anyway, time to move on? we're 40 minutes in already
16:40:37 <srschroe_> thanks muelli
16:41:06 <muelli> okay. I think I mentioned everything reg. that topic I wanted to during the precious meeting time.  If there are suggestions, ideally accompanied with some slides, bring them up on the list.
16:41:08 <bastianilso> aday: if we want to keep it really libreoffice related we could point to the new references, a possible person to contact if you want to learn GTK to work on their gtk3 branch etc
16:42:48 <aday> bastianilso, we could point to documentation and support, yeah
16:43:19 <sri> re: gtk lwn article - I'm still tryign to write a response to all that.  I haven't had time.  I keep finding fun things to do at home instead :)
16:43:23 <bastianilso> might be worth it to even get in touch with the person responsible for libreoffice's gtk 3 branch (but then the talk would probably be only about that)
16:43:28 <oliverp> ....
16:43:48 * bastianilso is done talking about gtk3 now
16:44:17 <aday> bastianilso, there are old time gnome people in libreoffice. i think they know where to go
16:44:32 <bastianilso> great to hear that
16:44:34 <aday> #topic back to release marketing!
16:44:44 <sri> oaky, release marketing it is..
16:45:16 <aday> #info 3.14 is due for release on 24 september
16:45:28 <aday> that's a month and a bit
16:45:37 <oliverp> https://wiki.gnome.org/Engagement/ReleasePlanning
16:45:45 <aday> but we need to aim to have our marketing materials done for 2 weeks before
16:45:58 * bastianilso has a sudden realization of how close that is
16:46:05 * sri wonders what he's going to do wtih teh press release this time.
16:46:13 <bastianilso> i should probably begin on the video manuscript very very soon then
16:46:21 <sri> I need to take a class on press relations
16:46:24 <oliverp> bastianilso: great idea
16:46:36 * sri was looking at the release planning page and saw 'reaching out to the press'
16:46:56 <bastianilso> aday: when will the 3.13.90 release happen?
16:46:58 <aday> #info we have 4 weeks to get our work done
16:47:08 <aday> #info (ish)
16:47:15 <sri> what's the theme for this release?
16:47:27 <aday> good question
16:47:31 <bastianilso> wayland ?
16:47:32 <sri> e.g. we usually just do a bucket list of cool stuff, but is there one thing we want to focus one?
16:47:36 <sri> no, wayland is not ready yet.
16:47:40 <bastianilso> ah ok
16:47:51 <sri> we're going to have to wait another cycle.
16:47:55 <bastianilso> :i
16:47:58 <aday> there's going to be a fair amount of polish - the theme has been rewritten, there's lots of nice new animations in the shell
16:48:20 <sri> okay, so continuing to polish, new visual appeal
16:48:22 <aday> multitouch will be a big feature
16:48:23 <sri> what about notifications?
16:48:40 <oliverp> I think it will be the most polished GNOME 3 release to date ;)
16:48:41 <aday> sri, nothing new there. jasper's been busy with wayland
16:48:54 <oliverp> its sounds familiar :)
16:48:57 <aday> there's quite a lot to talk about on the developer side
16:49:10 <aday> gtk inspector being a good one
16:49:20 <sri> it would be cool to have some kind of statement that incorporates that..
16:49:27 <aday> i'm also hoping to have a new version of the hig ready
16:49:36 <sri> yeah, gtk inspector is good, and we can talk about how awesome it is for theme writers.
16:49:39 <aday> sri, incorporates what?
16:49:59 <bastianilso> perhaps making gnome more comfortable, gtkinspector making it comfortable for developers, animations and polish making it comfortable for users
16:50:13 <sri> aday: the visual stuff e.g. the polish, and animation
16:50:25 <aday> ah right, yeah
16:50:43 <sri> bastianilso: not a bad theme
16:50:48 <aday> there's also the usual collection of app improvements
16:50:56 <aday> nothing major there, but making progress
16:51:12 <aday> so, not a massive release in terms of big new features
16:51:17 <aday> but still some nice things
16:51:29 <oliverp> will we do release notes + news item + press release as usual?
16:51:33 <bastianilso> I will probably cover some GSoC projects for what is coming for GNOME in the release video
16:51:56 <srschroe_> That's ok, if it gives you a viable opportunity to emphasize what makes GNOME different and great and the polish provides additional cred, that's fine.
16:52:22 <oliverp> bastianilso: cool, I think there are some nice things with new features to photos
16:52:27 <aday> srschroe_, yep i think so too
16:52:42 <sri> srschroe_: polish seems to have made users happy, more happy than features..
16:52:43 <aday> oliverp, yes, release notes and press release are the big ones
16:52:55 <sri> srschroe_: every release thus far, people have been very happy with the improvements.
16:52:56 <srschroe_> that's a pretty rare focus
16:53:26 <oliverp> any update on HiDPI?
16:53:28 <oliverp> 
16:53:29 <aday> release notes i can probably do. the press release is always the difficult part
16:53:39 <srschroe_> we can write an article for 01.org and intel.com about GNOME and use the release as a focus point
16:53:43 <sri> yeah, because we have to shop around for quotes.
16:53:44 <aday> we need to come up with a list of people to approach for quotes
16:53:54 <sri> srschroe_: that would be awesome.
16:53:57 <oliverp> aday: great
16:54:04 <bastianilso> you could easily see the polish as many many features though, its a matter of making the users pay attention so they get some satisfaction out of it
16:54:07 <aday> srschroe_, yes, that would be fantastic!
16:54:23 <sri> srschroe_: 01.org I see, where would be on intel.com?
16:54:27 <sri> just curious
16:54:41 <oliverp> maybe the team can collaborate on the press release
16:54:45 <srschroe_> intel.com/opensource
16:54:56 <sri> oh, right, awesome.
16:55:01 <oliverp> and ask mclasen for input?
16:55:31 <sri> how about the release team in general?  it is an excuse to involve them more :)
16:55:31 <oliverp> maybe he wants to give a quote
16:55:34 <aday> #info this is our list of previous quotes in press releases - https://wiki.gnome.org/Engagement/ReleasePressReleases
16:56:05 <sri> maybe we could ask the linux action show guys? :-)
16:56:09 <aday> oliverp, maybe. getting quotes from people outside the project is probably the first priority
16:56:14 <bastianilso> sri: nice idea :)
16:56:23 <oliverp> aday: right
16:56:25 <aday> i can write a quote for mclasen in 5 minutes, if we need one ;)
16:56:35 <sri> :)
16:56:50 <sri> what about greg k-h? or did we already get him?
16:57:08 <sri> I wonder if I can get someone from linux foundation to say something.. although we did do Jim Zemlin already
16:57:26 <bastianilso> how about quotes from downstream, what are the distributions looking forward to in this release
16:57:26 <sri> anyways, I'll thinka bout it.. leave it to me.
16:57:37 <oliverp> I just thought because he have been so involved with the gtk inspector
16:57:41 * sri is going to avoid Linus this time
16:57:49 <srschroe_> Is Android or Chrome downstream to GNOME in any way?
16:58:08 <oliverp> maybe ask the new fedora project leader about a quote
16:58:15 <srschroe_> It woudl be cool to get a quote from one of their architects
16:58:17 <sri> umm.. I dont' think there is anything in android that has GNOME stuff in it, except for DBus?
16:58:22 <aday> sri,
16:58:33 <aday> i don't see greg k-h on the list
16:58:41 <sri> aday: in that case, I wil ask greg
16:58:48 * bastianilso wonders if we have a wikipage where we track downstream projects using gnome technologies
16:59:00 <aday> where do we usually track our ideas for quotes?
16:59:04 <srschroe_> bastianilso, would be gold
16:59:04 <oliverp> we have add suggestions to the page?
16:59:15 <sri> srschroe_: as for chrome, I don't know there either.. let me ask Josh, he's involved in Chrome, and he's a big GNOME fan.
16:59:16 <aday> seems like it shouldn't be public?
16:59:26 <srschroe_> sweet, I was thinking the same
16:59:35 <oliverp> aday: right,
16:59:43 <sri> and josh loves this kind of stuff.
16:59:50 <aday> oliverp, we could use a note in owncloud, perhaps?
17:00:05 <bastianilso> aday: well we have https://wiki.gnome.org/Engagement/GnomeDeployments but I guess that isnt exactly 'downstream' though it is gnome technology used in real life
17:00:16 <oliverp> or a ep that we only share between us
17:00:40 <oliverp> ep=etherpad
17:01:17 <bastianilso> owncloud sounds good, that would require a login then, though it may be slightly harder to maintain/update than say ep/wiki
17:02:49 <oliverp> have to go
17:02:53 <oliverp> bye for now
17:02:56 <oliverp> :)
17:03:08 <sri> I sent mail to dropbox to see if they might be interested in supporting our press release.
17:03:18 <aday> yeah
17:03:27 <aday> err, that was for bastianilso
17:03:32 <sri> I also invited them to do greater integration and use gnome online accounts etc.
17:03:39 <aday> #action aday to get the release notes ball roling
17:03:52 <sri> #action sri find people to get quotes from
17:04:10 <aday> great, that's a good start
17:04:18 <bastianilso> i'd definitely recommend writing down the suggestion in this channel as a start sri :)
17:04:19 <sri> what about press relations?
17:04:33 <bastianilso> suggestions*
17:04:51 <sri> I have some people to poke around here who might be able to help give some ideas.
17:05:07 <aday> sri, in the past we've mailed journalists ahead of the release
17:05:09 <bastianilso> sri: do we talk to the linux magazines out there usually?
17:05:10 <aday> it would be good to do that
17:05:15 <bastianilso> or do they just pick up those news themselves?
17:05:20 <sri> one suggestion was to tweet at variosu CEOs and see if they might be interested in supporting GNOME release
17:05:22 <aday> i think that karen has a list of contacts
17:05:34 <sri> I really really want a test image again
17:05:46 <sri> we had one prior to release last round and it was effective I think.
17:06:01 <aday> sri, i couldn't get that one to work :/
17:06:02 <sri> people and journalists were able to try it out without having to wait for a distro
17:06:25 <aday> sri, i'll do a screenshot pack for journalists, like last time
17:06:26 <sri> I'll see if I can get QA to work on it this time.. we have a team for that now :)
17:06:28 <bastianilso> agree that was awesome
17:06:44 <aday> #action sri to talk to qa about a demo image
17:06:45 <sri> aday: teh screenshot pack is an awesome idea
17:06:58 <aday> #action aday to produce a screenshot pack closer to the time
17:07:21 <bastianilso> Do we want to communicate with downstream when they expect to be able to ship 3.14?
17:07:56 <sri> it would be kind of nice to release a schedule on when GNOME will be available for the major distros
17:08:15 <sri> we'll have to promote each release ona  distro
17:08:17 <aday> sri, depends if we have a good story to tell there
17:08:17 <bastianilso> yea, a cool chart schedule figure perhaps :)
17:08:24 <aday> fedora is so far behind gnome nowadays :(
17:08:29 <sri> :(
17:08:33 <sri> that's why I switch to arch.
17:08:38 <bastianilso> it could be something we provide in the 3.14 video at the end
17:09:03 <bastianilso> to say, you can get this soon. in the meantime try this demo here, and if you want to become a part of this awesome project, join us here
17:09:24 <aday> ok, we've going 1 hour 10, i think i need to call it a day
17:09:29 <sri> yeah
17:09:39 <sri> hoepfully we can get VOIP going next round
17:09:44 <aday> sri, gtk vs qt is on the agenda. do you want to talk about that quickly?
17:09:54 <sri> I love irc, but hard to communicate a ton of ideas quickly
17:10:02 <bastianilso> did you get talky to work sri
17:10:03 <sri> sure
17:10:09 <bastianilso> we could jump on that one perhaps
17:10:25 <sri> basically, I'm writing something that talks up GTK+ as a viable platform and to push back on the meme that people are switching to QT
17:10:46 <aday> #topic qt vs gtk discussions
17:11:24 <sri> we'll talk about the GTK+ platform, 1) inclusiveness 2) a host of features 3) improvements on experience in other platforms
17:11:53 <sri> the last point is I'm going to argue that switching to using a cross platform will weaken Linux platform
17:12:09 <aday> one thing i'm conscious of is that most people don't know about all the improvements that have happened in the platform
17:12:22 <sri> the idea is that, you want people to move to Linux, and cross platform work is supposerd to be used so that you can switch to Linux not the other way around.
17:12:24 <aday> we don't really have a gtk evangelist
17:12:31 <sri> we don't.
17:12:54 <bastianilso> sri: can you create one?
17:12:56 <sri> aday: actually we do.. Daniel Fore could be that person.
17:13:07 <sri> he's already doing it.
17:13:19 <aday> sri, he can certainly help, and having enthusiastic gtk users is essential
17:13:24 <sri> bastianilso: create what?
17:13:34 <bastianilso> a gtk evangelist :)
17:13:36 <sri> aday: let me ask him if he would help out in that.
17:13:38 <aday> but i also feel that we need someone closer to the source
17:13:51 <sri> bastianilso: not ouside the realm of possibilities
17:14:03 <sri> not sure who that would be..
17:14:04 <aday> like, we've had 0 publicity about multitouch landing in gtk
17:14:18 <aday> mclasen does his best, but he's already too busy
17:14:57 <bastianilso> not sure if its because people want to test it. i remember there being a question in Bastien's talk about hardware integration about "how can we actually test multitouch"
17:15:02 <sri> ugh, a conundrum to be sure
17:15:06 <bastianilso> (at GUADEC)
17:15:35 <bastianilso> another good reason to provide a demo image :)
17:15:48 <aday> one thing we can try and do is push more gtk stories through the gnome channels
17:16:16 <bastianilso> aday: I dont even recall a blog post on multitouch. maybe that could be the issue
17:16:37 <bastianilso> agree
17:16:49 <sri> actually I have another person who could help..
17:17:00 <aday> bastianilso, yeah
17:17:27 <sri> let me see if ikey could help there, he's very technically saavy and wants to be more involved in the GNOME/GTK+ community
17:17:43 <sri> not sure if he can write though..
17:17:44 <aday> sri, not sure. he seems a bit changable in his position on gtk
17:17:54 <aday> he's posted the odd rant on g+
17:18:20 <sri> aday: yeah, he's a bit emotional
17:18:25 <sri> I'll talk with him about it..
17:18:30 <aday> cool
17:18:33 <sri> he works for me until November
17:18:38 <sri> :)
17:18:42 <aday> anyway, time to wrap things up i think
17:18:45 <sri> yep
17:19:13 <bastianilso> i wonder why we always run out of time for our meetings..
17:19:40 <bastianilso> we often seem to have leftover things to talk about at least
17:19:55 * bastianilso wouldn't mind more meeting in all honesty
17:20:03 <aday> next meeting in 2 weeks?
17:20:03 <aday> #topic
17:20:03 <aday> err
17:20:03 <aday> #topic next meeting
17:20:07 <aday> #info next meeting will be 27 august
17:20:09 <aday> bastianilso, because they're meetings? :)
17:20:15 <aday> #endmeeting