19:44:41 <sri> #startmeeting
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19:44:51 <sri> #topic conferences
19:44:55 <sri> okay, go for it oliver
19:45:05 <oliver> the winning bid for Asia summit 2015 have been selected and the committee is ready to announce as soon as the website is updated
19:45:19 <sri> nod.
19:45:26 <oliver> that is hopefully done within a week
19:45:39 <oliver> a gnome.org newsitem is ready
19:46:36 <oliver> will try to help them with some promotial things this year as well and a contact from the foundation
19:46:47 <oliver> *promotional
19:46:59 <sri> okay
19:47:08 <oliver> *be a contact from the foundation
19:47:44 <oliver> On a personal note I see a huge potential for GNOME in Asia
19:48:50 <oliver> that it about the Asia summit for now, will regulatory update the team about news, progress.
19:49:24 <sri> right, and it's really unfortunate that we do not have an ED to work on that.
19:49:26 <sri> :/
19:49:41 <tonghuix> no ED?
19:50:04 <oliver> sri I saw you had started a page for the 2015 edition of the  West coast summit, want to tell us something about it?
19:50:12 <sri> tonghuix: hi!
19:50:18 <tonghuix> sri: hi
19:50:27 <sri> tonghuix: yeah, we don't have an executive director whose daily job is to make GNOME successful.
19:50:40 <sri> tonghuix: thanks for participating even though it is late!
19:51:06 <tonghuix> sri: that's amazing that foundation running so good as well
19:51:13 <sri> they would be focused on working with people like yourself on getting support and investors from China
19:51:25 <sri> tonghuix: some of the duties fall on the directors.
19:51:39 <tonghuix> ok
19:52:04 <sri> but the marketing and outreach is not being done by anyone
19:52:09 <sri> the only person doing it is me at the moment..
19:52:30 <sri> and by that I mean, I go to meetups using meetup.com
19:52:36 <sri> and talk about GNOME and what not.
19:52:42 <sri> I get one person interested every time I show up.. :)
19:52:47 <sri> anyways.. back to west coast hackfest
19:52:58 <sri> we're starting up west coast hackfest in san francisco
19:53:00 <oliver> sri: I write gnome.org newsitems
19:53:06 <sri> at the endless mobile offices
19:53:25 <oliver> sri: great!
19:53:37 <sri> we're still working on a theme, but I think we are going to be focused on system level stuff like systemd, kdbus, gnome runtime and sdk stuff
19:53:41 <oliver> sri: make sure to Vale
19:53:48 <sri> we will likely also have elementary people there as well
19:53:49 <oliver> *Valve
19:54:00 <sri> although I think I'm going to point them out to the developer expeerience hackfest as well.
19:54:12 <oliver> sri: sounds great
19:54:15 <sri> there is some objection by some folks about trying to do too many things.
19:54:23 <sri> some people like focused hackfests on one thing.
19:54:33 <sri> I want to be able to reach out to startups
19:54:50 <sri> I'm going to have to thread the needle between all of this osmehow. :)
19:55:09 <sri> so that's west coast hackfest
19:55:17 <sri> we still need dates.
19:55:18 <oliver> sri: hm I see, well think its such an important region
19:55:28 <sri> I'm going to just pick one.. probably in May I think.
19:55:34 <sri> we'll have elementary and valve corporation there so far.
19:55:34 <oliver> sri: ok
19:55:43 <oliver> sri: that's great
19:55:50 <sri> valve is interested in teh run time and sdk stuff.
19:56:57 <sri> other conferences?
19:57:06 <sri> there is the developer experience hackfest in january
19:57:11 <sri> but there is no wiki page for it.
19:57:18 <oliver> right and FOSDEM
19:57:25 <oliver> but that have a wiki page
19:57:31 <sri> I just created it yesterday
19:57:37 <sri> but it has no content
19:57:46 <sri> I have an approved talk there.
19:57:54 <sri> I will be talking about Groupon and GNOME
19:57:55 <oliver> sri: it does
19:57:57 <sri> with Pam Chestek.
19:58:00 <oliver> https://wiki.gnome.org/Events/FOSDEM/2015
19:58:30 <sri> I can't look at GNOME websites from work, I have some strange problem with certs
19:58:31 <oliver> bastianilso_: have done some work on that I page
19:58:52 <oliver> sri: ok
19:59:09 <tonghuix> I know a conference in asia area named FOSSAISA
19:59:28 <tonghuix> http://fossasia.org/
19:59:44 <oliver> here is the link the January hackfest btw
19:59:49 <sri> tonghuix: does it have a call for papers?
19:59:51 <oliver> https://wiki.gnome.org/Hackfests/DeveloperExperience2015
19:59:58 <tonghuix> yes
20:00:02 <oliver> I can add it to the event page
20:00:06 <sri> tonghuix: we should try to put in a talk.
20:00:15 <tonghuix> sri: yes
20:00:37 <sri> I think it would be good to talk about GNOME 3.15 - maybe wayland, maybe talk about our stack, and how it would be good to build products from it.
20:00:55 <sri> I can help with creaeting a presentation
20:01:07 <sri> I need to do that for FOSDEM anyways
20:01:29 <sri> #action sri to write presentation materials
20:01:42 <sri> tonghuix: do you know someone who can do the talk?
20:02:02 <sri> I have an eye for automotive linux summit in Japan
20:02:08 <tonghuix> I will try to contact some one
20:02:17 <sri> I think that would be a great place to talk about GNOME and maybe its relationshipw ith Tizen.
20:02:23 <sri> tonghuix: awesome!
20:02:46 <sri> #action tonguix to find someone to give a talk at FOSSASIA
20:03:05 <sri> this is great !
20:03:53 <oliver> anything else to add to this topic?
20:04:02 <sri> no..
20:04:44 <bastianilso_> I received a mail about that we got the table application for the gnome stand for fosdem
20:04:53 <bastianilso_> its been accepted as a candidate
20:04:56 <bastianilso_> :-)
20:08:40 <sri> excellent!
20:08:51 <sri> do have a count of who all is going to FOSDEM?
20:09:06 <sri> we should get people to put their names on the wiki
20:09:07 <bastianilso_> not at all - didn't even buy my flight ticket yet :c
20:09:17 <sri> I put in my travel request wtih my employer
20:09:18 <bastianilso_> I agree, no idea who made the FOSDEM pages last year
20:09:24 <sri> hopefully they will pay for it.
20:09:44 <sri> I sort of know, it was a fairly large group
20:10:21 <oliver> cool
20:13:23 <oliver> anything else to add?
20:16:06 <sri> nope!
20:16:48 <tonghuix> nope from me
20:18:25 <sri> waht's the next topic?
20:20:10 <oliver> sri: I think its yours
20:25:25 <oliver> sir: will you take it or do you want end the meeting?
20:27:17 <sri> sorry, got interrupted
20:27:35 <sri> let me see ...
20:27:37 <sri> hiya karen!
20:27:46 <karen> hi sri!
20:28:26 <sri> so the only thing I have is about telemetrics on our groupon battle
20:28:34 <sri> basically stats that we gathered.
20:29:12 <oliver> cool, that do they say?
20:29:31 <sri> I don't have the twitter stuff, I'll have Josh get that for me.
20:29:49 <sri> but I will say that 11/11 we got 56k hits
20:30:15 <sri> we got 92k on our initial g+ post
20:30:24 <sri> but that is nothing compared to the video bastianilso_ did :)
20:30:37 <karen> interesting
20:30:38 <sri> so it seems that this was mostly a twitter phenomena
20:31:32 <sri> on our post we had 96 re-shares, 538 +1s, and 12 comments
20:31:44 <sri> in the first 72 hours of that post.
20:32:02 <sri> we had 15,874 views
20:32:16 <sri> I'll have Josh come up with the metrics on twitter, that was something else.
20:33:23 <sri> so looking at facebook..
20:33:59 <sri> we had only 264 likes on 11/11
20:34:15 <sri> basically, our facebook is not very popular
20:34:47 <oliver> hm ok I see
20:35:05 <oliver> thanks for sharing
20:35:08 <sri> so twitter and G+ is where primarily our audience is
20:35:21 <sri> and that's because we aren't doing anything on facebook
20:35:36 <oliver> don't like facebook...
20:35:40 <sri> there is nothing interesting there.. and FOSS community seems to prefer using G+ over facebook
20:35:51 <oliver> mm
20:38:07 <sri> anyways, that's all I have.
20:38:24 <oliver> sri: cool, maybe this would make a blog post
20:38:37 <oliver> *make a good blog post
20:38:53 <sri> we'll need to hold off on any posts regarding this stuff till after january
20:39:00 <oliver> sir: ok
20:39:25 <oliver> I don't mean a gnome.org newsitem btw but personal blog post
20:39:49 <sri> yeah, but that is on planet.
20:39:59 <oliver> right
20:40:06 <sri> so it'll show up from a gnome.org site
20:40:12 <oliver> right
20:40:28 <oliver> sir: if that all guess its time to end the meeting
20:41:02 <sri> okay, sounds good
20:41:05 <sri> good meeting!
20:41:08 <sri> #endmeeting